Jeans Nudie Jeans Rad Rufus

Jeans Nudie Jeans Rad Rufus

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Starting at: $144.15


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Jeans Nudie Jeans Rad Rufus


Organic cotton

14.9 oz. Stiff denim

Tobacco thread at seams

Copper trim

Button fly

Jacoon patch

Regular fit

High waist

Straight leg

Regular leg opening

Regular-fit, straight-leg jeans in stiff, thick denim.

This one is a faded "best-of-the-90s" option with great texture. This is a heavy Turkish denim, 15 oz, with great potential. After some time of use and washing, the yarns will interact and you'll reap the rewards that ring-spun and open-end yarns create - that typical '90s marbling effect. It's the combination of spinning methods that gives this marbled texture. The tension created by the yarns gives the denim a pleated texture that becomes more pronounced with port and washing.

Like the best Japanese denims, this Turkish denim, developed by Orta, is dyed with pure indigo to achieve an almost black indigo tone. Like all pure indigo-dyed denims, this one ages to a clean, reddish-blue hue. The initial deep tone allows for beautiful ups and downs as your pair moves toward denim status vintage. Enjoy.

Additional Information

Brand Nudie Jeans
Manufacturer SKU 114364
Color dry heavy
Color Black
Gender Men
Age group Adult