Hand cream Z&MA 40 ml [Size 40 ml]

Hand cream Z&MA 40 ml [Size 40 ml]
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Hand cream Z&MA 40 ml

Concentrated in 3 vegetable oils and 6 essential oils with numerous virtues, the Z&MA certified organic Hand Cream protects and nourishes the skin of your hands in depth. Its light texture penetrates quickly for a silky touch without greasy film. This product is labeled Cosmos Organic.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a dab of Hand Cream on your hands. Massage gently until absorbed.to note: External use. Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Some essential oils may be irritating or even allergenic.INGREDIENTS:Shea butter* to soothe, restructure, moisturize and nourish the skin, Aloe vera* to bring softness and flexibility to the skin, Castor oil* to repair and soften the skin, Vegetable oil of sunflower*, rich in vitamin E (antioxidant) and in essential fatty acids (omega 6) with the softening and nourishing properties, Essential oil of lavandin* to purify the skin, Essential oil of patchouli* to regenerate the skin and tighten the pores, Lemon essential oil* to tone, purify and soften the skin, Sandalwood essential oil* to keep the skin elastic and to help healing, Rosemary essential oil* to tone and refresh the skin, Petit grain essential oil* to purify and regenerate the skin, Hyaluronic acid* to moisturize and fight against dehydration, Antioxidant vitamin E* contained in tocopherol and sunflower oil.

Hand cream Z&MA 40 ml
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Z&MA
  • Manufacturer SKU : ZMA032
  • Color : white
  • Color : White
  • Size : 40 ml
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Age group : Adult
  • Team : N/A
  • Apparel type : N/A
  • Assortment : N/A
  • Shipped in 24h : N/A