Cold weather compression socks for women CEP Compression

Cold weather compression socks for women CEP Compression
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Cold weather compression socks for women CEP Compression

Product descriptionCOLD WEATHER SOCKS FOR WOMEN: COMFORT AND WARMNESS PLUS COMPRESSIVE EFFECTFeel good and perform better in cold weather: with the Cold Weather Socks for women from CEP Sportswear, this is now possible with the innovative combination of merino wool and compressive effect. The high percentage of natural fibers provides warm and dry comfort, while your muscles are stimulated by the compression. The result? Extra energy, which gives you the crucial boost to reach your goals in the cold season.A cozy feeling of well-being in cold weather with merino woolMerino wool is a remarkable material: this fine natural fiber has excellent insulating power and the ability to wick moisture away from the skin quickly. But it can be made even better by adding high-quality synthetic fibers that provide stability and elasticity. The result: compression socks for women that fit like a second skin and make you feel dry and warm. After all, why should high-level training exclude high comfort? Stimulating compression for more endurance and faster recoveryDo you want more endurance and faster recovery after training or competition? No problem, thanks to the medi compression technology of the Cold Weather Socks for women. Its special feature is improved blood circulation, which in turn accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactic acid. At the same time, valuable nutrients are supplied to the muscles more quickly. You notice the beneficial effect immediately in your legs, which become lighter and have more energy.safer running thanks to stabilized joints and better proprioceptionInjuries, such as twisted ankles, followed by a forced break from training are every runner's nightmare. Women's compression socks effectively reduce this risk: the light pressure of the fitted material stabilizes your joints in depth. In addition, your proprioception, i.e. your own perception of your body, is increased. Enjoy your sport in cold weather: update your equipment now with the Cold Weather Socks for women from CEP Sportswear!

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Brand CEP Compression
Manufacturer SKU WP205U
Color black
Color Black
Gender Women
Age group Adult