All our products dedicated to Winter Sports

To excel in winter sports, in this case skiing or snowboarding, the choice of equipment is one of the keys to performance. We have established a selection of the best equipment from leading brands such as boots, clothing, bags, helmets, glasses and all kinds of accessories for beginners, advanced and expert skiers.

Skiing is practised in sometimes extreme conditions and requires high quality equipment. We offer you a wide choice of top-of-the-range equipment, adapted to all your activities.

Ski boots combining comfort and performance

Comfortable and lightweight, these pairs from Lange have an innovative design, including a new width at the front of the foot. Easy to put on and take off, they ensure power, precision and excellent energy transmission thanks to the fact that they are perfect extensions of your feet. Available in men's, women's and children's models, these buckle-adjustable shoes not only offer optimal support, but also greater stability. Their soft, breathable textile booties with good thermal insulation keep your feet warm and dry during all your activities.

Whether you are more into freeriding or all mountain, you are sure to find the ideal pair for all your practices. At sportisgood, we have a wide selection of boots for all levels: beginners, advanced or experts.

Ski boards and the accessories that go with them.

Ski boards

Mostly versatile, these very manoeuvrable pairs of skis offer you excellent stability and perfect grip while giving you good fluidity, to guarantee total control.

Warm gloves and mittens

Developed by Reusch, these ski gloves and mittens are made from soft, breathable fabric with good insulation to provide optimum comfort all day long. Their exceptional grip palm and buckle or velcro closure guarantee a perfect fit and excellent stability in all circumstances. They are available in women's and unisex cuts.


Various models to choose from depending on the soles are available to you, whatever your level, at competitive prices.

Kits of slalom poles

Including 30 posts in yellow and red, with steel tips, these kits come with a strong, resistant and easy to carry bag.

Set of 20 sticks

Solid, resistant and sturdy, these very light sticks offer an easy grip.


Intended for the legs and arms, they are made of soft and supple material for excellent shock absorption (stakes, falls, etc.).

Protective goggles and masks

Solid and resistant, these goggles are developed to suit all situations encountered on the slopes. In addition to protecting your eyes from all kinds of external bodies, they have lenses that guarantee clear visibility in all circumstances. They also benefit from an anti-UV treatment to protect you from harmful rays. Made from high-quality, lightweight and flexible materials, they are easy to wear for extended periods of time, even in difficult conditions.

The masks incorporate a soft and supple strap for perfect support and optimal comfort.

Bags and luggage

Depending on the size you are looking for and the material you need to carry, you can choose between several types of bags:

  • Backpacks: designed by Lange, they are made of extremely robust material to guarantee excellent resistance to abrasion and all kinds of wear and tear. They offer a large storage space to store a multitude of accessories and equipment. They incorporate compartments and pockets for orderly storage.

  • Ski bag: Tube-shaped, they are equipped with a strap for easy carrying in the hands or on the shoulders.

  • Shoe bag: they make it easy to stow and carry your boots.

  • Sport and travel bag: for all your travels, choose one of these bags, with sewn-in fixed or telescopic handles for easy transport of all kinds of materials.

  • Comfortable, high-performance clothing for skiing and snowboarding

    A wide selection of outfits is available to you for better performance on the track.

    • Trousers and tights: for women, men or children, they are made with waterproof and highly functional treated fabric for a comfortable feeling at all times. Their suppleness allows enormous mobility for top level performances.

        • Jackets: these are designed to provide maximum protection against the weather. Their classic cut combined with light and flexible textiles guarantees great motor skills. Padded models are available with or without sleeves.

            • Combinations : Well maintained thanks to adjustable elastic cuffs, they provide both comfort and warmth all day long. They have pockets to keep accessories and electronic devices close at hand. Their silky fabric gives a very pleasant feeling in contact with the skin and their flexibility allows excellent mobility.

                • Masks and caps: they offer protection for the head and neck against the cold. Warm and breathable, they provide maximum comfort during all your efforts.