All our women's hiking shoes at reduced prices

Hiking in the forest and in the mountains requires the use of appropriate equipment such as shoes. Aku, Reebok or Columbia with its flagship model Redmond... find pairs dedicated to women to practice hiking in comfort.

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High quality women's hiking boots

Just like men, women who are passionate about hiking need quality footwear to enjoy their adventure. Discover in a few clicks pairs from brands considered as references in the hiking world such as Columbia, Reebok and The North Face. And the good news is that they are available at an unbeatable price.

Shoes for indoor activities

Women's shoes designed for hiking

Do you love walking in the forest or in the mountains ? In order to prevent your outings from turning into a drama, especially for your feet, it is very important to use hiking boots that are specially designed to ensure your safety and comfort. Your choice will depend largely on the type of terrain you will be walking on. On easy trails, low-cut shoes are recommended. They should be flexible and light. As for the models dedicated to more technical terrain, they have the particularity of being rigid in order to give you more stability. They also have a high upper to ensure optimal support and protection of the ankle. And for long-lasting use, there is the integration of reinforcements and a thick sole. Over the years, brands have innovated and developed hiking boots to provide maximum comfort for women. They now incorporate many technologies designed for this purpose. One of the things that brands are focusing on is waterproofing and breathability. Nowadays, many models are equipped with Gore-Tex technology. This is a waterproof and breathable fabric that efficiently wicks away perspiration. Columbia has developed a similar technology: the out dry membrane, which gives the shoe excellent breathability and keeps the feet dry. But the innovations made by the brands are not limited to these two points mentioned above. The improvements also concern cushioning, grip, design, etc.

Focus on Columbia shoes

For several years, the Columbia brand has specialised in the creation of outdoor footwear for outdoor activities. Today, it is a reference in the field. With its proven know-how, Columbia can boast a range of technology developed in-house. Compared to its competitors, it provides its own waterproofing solutions through the creation of the Outdry membrane. Thanks to this technology, perspiration is efficiently evacuated. The brand's flagship models include the Redmond, Buga Plus and Newtown Ridge. Perfect for off-roading, the Redmond shoes feature waterproofing, front traction and a cushioned sole. They have a synthetic insole and a rubber outsole for maximum grip. For example, you can opt for the waterproof Redmond V2! Sock-like construction with breathable and waterproof Omni-TECH™ membrane with sealed seams. This model incorporates a lightweight TECHLITE™ midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning and excellent traction. The outsole is made of non-marking, grippy Omni-GRIP™ rubber.On our site, this item is offered at a knockdown price.

What about Reebok hiking boots ?

Reebok is currently one of the world's leading sports brands. In the world of hiking, Reebok has an important place thanks to the various innovations in its footwear. These include DMX air displacement technology, which provides optimal cushioning for hikers, as well as highly effective anti-abrasion and anti-tear technologies. Its flagship models are the Ridgerider, Ever Road and Evazure. You can choose the Ridgerider 5.0 for example! Benefiting from the latest technology, this model combines resistance, comfort and grip. Its half sole provides a high level of cushioning, reducing impact and protecting your joints. The resistant material of the sole guarantees superior grip and adherence on difficult terrain. So treat yourself to this pair at a discounted price. The Ever Road DMX 2.0 Slip-On is also an interesting option!

What about adidas, Aku and The North Face shoes ?

Apart from Columbia and Reebok, other brands are also well represented in the hiking world. Among them, The North Face, adidas and Aku have developed some very good models. Not sure? Then choose the Venture Fasthike Gtx from The North Face! The Venture Fasthike Gtxde has a durable mesh and breathable textile upper. You'll always stay dry with its waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane. Plus, its UltrAtac™ rubber outsole gives you better grip on slippery ground. But you can also pick up the TERREX Swift R3 shoes from adidas. Get these exceptional pairs at a great price. And if you love hiking in the Alps, the Aku Superalp GTX will do the trick !