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Beginner, experienced or expert athlete looking for the right pair of spikes for all your training and competitions? You're in luck. Sport is good offers you a wide selection of women's athletic shoes from the biggest brands at promotional prices.

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Spikes: why are they important?

As the name suggests, these shoes for athletes have multiple spikes on the front to ensure better performance. Why are these spikes important and what extra benefits do they provide? Generally smooth and porous, athletic tracks require shoes with superior grip. Hence the small spikes on the bottom of the shoes. In fact, these spikes are mainly intended to provide a better grip to ensure a more aggressive start during races. The length of the spikes can vary between 6 and 9 mm depending on your grip needs. The same applies to jumping shoes: pole vault and triple jump. However, for the high jump, the shoes are a bit special as they have 12 mm spikes. For throws, whether shot put or discus, the grip on the ground is very important. Therefore, you need long spikes, which can provide maximum balance and guarantee a good energy transfer. Spikes of 9 cm would be perfect. Opt for longer spikes, 12 cm (maximum length allowed in competition) for the javelin throw. But where did this idea come from? It was towards the end of the 19th century that a racing enthusiast by the name of Joseph William Foster made the very first spikes. Although he designed them for himself at the very beginning, he later made some for his racing friends. Realising that it could be profitable, he began to improve them and turned them into a family business that became Reebok in 1958.

Athletic shoes are usually very light and flexible, but they are characterized by their rigid soles, which do not provide any cushioning. Find a wide selection at unbeatable prices in our online shop.

adidas women's spikes at the best prices

As a major player in the world of athletics today, adidas uses the know-how of its experts to produce highly technical and comfortable women's spikes. This reputation has made adidas the supplier of choice for many of this generation's female athletes. Despite being behind its competitors in this exercise, the three-stripes brand is still one of the biggest suppliers of athletic shoes on the world stage. Indeed, its first spiked shoes were only seen at the 1960 Olympic Games in Mexico City, an episode that propelled it into the limelight. A notoriety that it has managed to maintain to this day and which constitutes the DNA of the Adizero, Sprintstar, Thowstar and Distancestar ranges, available on sport is good at unbeatable prices.

Cheap Nike spikes

With the idea of importing inexpensive shoes from Japan for improvement in the 1950s, Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman created the swoosh brand. A new design incorporating an air bubble under the heel was introduced in 1970 to ensure better shock absorption. Since then, Nike spikes have continued to develop with an increasingly minimalist design and better feel. They also have a specific design for each type of stride, pronation, soil and foot shape. The best ranges of this new generation of spikes, such as the Zoom Victory, Zoom Matumbo, Zoom Rival and High Jump, are available in our online shop at unbeatable prices. Comfortable and efficient, Nike's women's spike shoes are very popular with top athletes, including six-time Olympic gold medallist Allison Felix.

Designer shoes on sale

It is impossible to talk about athletic shoes without mentioning the American giant New Balance. But before discovering the items we offer on our online shop, let's go back to the source of this reference in the design of athletic shoes. Although the company was founded in 1906, its first spiked shoes were not produced until the 1930s and made their first major appearance at the Reddish Road Race in the United States. Women's models were introduced years later and continued to be developed as technology evolved to achieve excellence.

Another leading brand in the world of athletics is also present: Puma. Worn by famous athletes, including Floria Guei on the international stage, the spikes from the cat brand are suitable for all distances (100, 400, 800 and 1500m), throws (javelins, shot put and discus) and jumps (high jump, triple jump and pole vault). Find them now in our online shop at promotional prices.