Sports nutrition

Intensive activities require supervised feeding. That's why EA fit, Chimpanzee and Apurna put their studies to your benefit for choice nutritional supplements at an unbeatable price. Whether you are a running or other sports enthusiast, here you are sure to find all the best products for an excellent diet. Drinks, Energy Gels and Bars, Whey and Mass Gainer or Protein Barsnothing is left out!

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A wide range of food supplements for running

To boost physical performance or maintain fitness, you need to maintain an excellent diet. In order to do this, it is necessary to look beyond the basic foodstuffs that we consume on a daily basis. Nutritional and hydration products, carefully studied in the laboratory by specialists in the field of sports, are available to you at low cost.

Effective mixtures to increase muscle mass

There are different ways to gain muscle mass in record time. If we mention only the :


With a high protein content, these powders, designed by experts and tested on professional athletes, are one of the best options for all sportsmen and women who want to increase their muscles. Incorporating several components of premium quality, they guarantee an almost immediate effect thanks to their ease of assimilation. Their design without toxic substances avoids any side effects that could harm your physical health.

Mass gainer

With a formula combining whey with other products, mass gainers are recommended for those who are looking for a quick effect weight gain.

Protein bars

For more moderate weight gains, you can opt for protein bars with natural food flavours. As delicious as they are nutritious, they are easy to digest for a better rate of assimilation.

Formulas for better energy intake and balanced nutrition

While some are specifically dedicated to growth, others have the virtue of serving as an energy source:

Energy bars

To avoid weakening yourself during the effort, you must constantly boost it. To do this, you can choose light and easy-to-eat nutritional products such as energy bars. Made with fruity aromas to delight your taste buds, they are designed to provide the necessary elements to keep you in shape during physical exercise. The nutrients they contain allow the body to regenerate faster.

Energy gels

Like energy bars, they are intended to provide the body with energy. To be consumed after long runs or other intense practices, these fruit-flavoured gels have a great capacity to reduce fatigue.

Delicious and practical, these little fruity treats are a real asset for keeping fit at all times, especially after intensive exercise. Rich in calories, they are very useful during training as well as during competitions.

Energy drinks

To keep your carbohydrate level constant, remember to hydrate with one of those drinks produced by the big names in the field such as EA Fit, Power Bar and Apurna. Available in several capacities according to your needs, they are specially designed to provide you with healthy hydration thanks to vitamin components. Also, they contribute greatly to improving the immune system and protecting cells from oxidative stress. Carefully studied by experts in sports nutrition, they are perfectly adapted to the most intensive practices. In particular, they are very present during professional competitions. Easy to prepare, they are ideal before, during and after efforts to allow you to keep your body's water balance. Indeed, even though the body is mostly composed of water, the evacuation of sweat can lead to dehydration. For this reason, it is important to consume a large amount of water during exercise. There are also other types of skimmed milk drink that provide both better physical fitness and good muscle growth. They have a high protein content and are recommended for consumption after exercise.

Practical and resistant containers

To mix, store and transport your hydration and nutrient products, consider getting one of these 100% sporty shakers and jerrycans. Manufactured by the experts at Apurna, these containers are made of non-toxic plastic. Their design with choice materials makes them sturdy and durable accessories. Their capacity allows you to keep the necessary quantity of drinks and food supplements at hand to consume at any time. Light and compact, they don't take up much space in your luggage for easy transport.