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How to choose outdoor sports clothing for children ?

If you want to practice sports and fun activities outdoors, it is imperative to dress your children well. It is important to choose the right clothing for your children, as this is the main factor in their comfort and performance. This raises the question of what type of clothing to have them wear during their adventures. Two main parameters generally come into play in this exercise: the weather condition and the intensity of the effort. Whether you are running, trail running, hiking or trekking, you should consider the following basic advice.

In the heat of summer, it is advisable to dress them in light clothing that can quickly wick away perspiration so as to keep them warm and dry. Shorts, jerseys, T-shirts and tank tops will do the trick. For intensive practice or competition, we recommend tapered styles that allow natural movement and prevent friction that can cause discomfort or scratches to their sensitive skin.

On the other hand, during morning exercises or winter activities, we recommend second layer clothing with excellent thermal insulation to keep the body, but especially the muscles, warm throughout the effort. They should also be functional so as to avoid excess heat which can lead to performance loss and discomfort. Choose a long-sleeved jersey, a jacket, a sweatshirt and trousers. For long-sleeved jerseys and trousers, you can opt for tight-fitting pieces, mainly made of compression fabric, during heavy training sessions or competitions.

You can also plan for all kinds of weather, such as rain and wind, by investing in jackets or sweatshirts with a waterproof and windproof finish. Usually made from light and flexible textiles, these clothes are very comfortable, protective but also functional and keep your child warm and dry at any time of the day.

As an accessory criterion in the choice of outfits for your little ones, its level should also be taken into consideration. Indeed, the needs are not the same for a child who is just starting out and for a regular. If he is still in the discovery phase, it is sufficient to have him wear clothes with a classic cut and made of breathable fabric to ensure easy wearing and great mobility. In the opposite case, i.e. for an experienced child, it is necessary to lean towards more technical clothing in order to help the child progress better. Fitted in most cases, they are made from highly functional, ultra-light and flexible textiles, ensuring a second-skin feel for natural movement and comfort.

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High quality clothing

Having to deal with all kinds of outdoor conditions such as abrasions and weather, your children's clothes need to have a certain quality, especially robustness. In addition, the carefree nature of children means that they are more likely to rub up against all sorts of elements that can damage them, not to mention dirt. To meet all these requirements, The North Face and Columbia have used select textiles to produce garments that are tough, durable and very easy to care for.