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Looking for the perfect trainers for all your little one's exercise? You're in luck. The best pairs of children's sports shoes from Puma, adidas and Reebok are available at sport is good at special prices.

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The importance of wearing fitness shoes for children

Passing on your passion for fitness to your children becomes easy with the right equipment, in this case shoes. To do this, sport is good offers you the best models of sport shoes for boys and girls on the market at unbeatable prices. But why is it important to wear dedicated shoes during fitness sessions? Like all sports, fitness requires the right trainers for maximum comfort and performance. While they have become a fashion accessory over the years, fitness shoes are very useful as they are designed to provide excellent support, a feeling of permanent comfort and stability on indoor surfaces. They have special features for cardio, weight training, pilates or gymnastics.

How to choose the right children's sports shoes ?

While comfort is the main criterion for choosing a pair of children's sports shoes, it is also important to take into account a number of other important parameters, such as :

  • Outsole: no matter what the practice: cardio, pilates, gymnastics, etc., the outsole should be made of resistant and non-slip materials to guarantee perfect stability and avoid hindering your child's mobility. It should also be flat so that it fits perfectly on the indoor surface.
  • Materials: the first factor ensuring his comfort, the materials with which your child's shoes are made must be light, of high quality and above all breathable. Mesh models are preferable for better ventilation.
  • Insole: complementary to the upper, it plays a very important role in your child's comfort. It ensures air circulation inside, absorbs perspiration and foot movement. We recommend insoles made of natural materials.
  • Fastenings: There are generally two types of fastenings in children's sports shoes: Velcro and laces. Velcro fasteners are very advantageous and are more suitable for small children because they are easy to take off and put on, but also prevent tripping when walking on them. Lace fasteners offer a stronger hold and an optimal fit.
  • Toes and toe boxes: Since comfort is more important than performance and looks, children's shoes should have a wide toe box to allow more freedom for the feet, but especially the toes. It is also a good idea to opt for models with moulded toes for greater safety.
  • Colours: Although not directly related to your child's comfort and performance, colours are an important consideration. Indeed, appearance counts a lot for a child, especially for girls who will tend to look for pairs with more feminine colours like pink. Boys, on the other hand, are not very demanding, although they certainly have a preference for strong colours such as navy blue, red or black.

Cheap branded trainers to keep up with mum and dad

Children tend to be influenced by their parents' sporting activities. If this is the case for you, we advise you to choose pairs from the best brands in the field to put on your children's shoes. We offer you several models developed by well-known brands at unbeatable prices:

  • Puma fitness shoes for kids

Puma is a leading manufacturer of children's shoes. The brand is known for its quality and performance. We offer great discounts on all the shoes on our website. We particularly recommend the Puma X-Ray 2 kids trainers with 39% discount or the Puma Cali Sport PS kids trainers and the Puma Anzarun kids trainers which, besides having 100% sporty and elegant designs, have technical features, designed to provide maximum comfort, resistance, durability and performance.

  • Cheap adidas children's sports shoes

You can also find the best kids' ranges from the three stripes brand on our page with promotional prices. From unisex models such as the adidas Fortat UN Graphic K kids' trainers and adidas Active Play Mickey kids' trainers to those specifically designed for girls such as the adidas Forta Run EL I kids' trainers and adidas Rapida ZEN I kids' shoes. Pairs that they can wear for all types of exercise: cardio, pilates, gymnastics or running. Models for hiking, short walks and excursions of all kinds, such as the adidas Captain Toey K children's sandals and the adidas Terrex Mid GTX kids' shoes, are also available at low prices.