Care for women Omum nouvelle version Coffret Trio Apres Bebe

Care for women Omum nouvelle version Coffret Trio Apres Bebe
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Care for women Omum nouvelle version Coffret Trio Apres Bebe

THREE CARE TREATMENTS TO RECOVER COMFORT & TONICITY AFTER DELIVERYBaby has arrived, congratulations! You are busy with your little one but you want to pamper yourself? We have thought of everything! Do you need comfort, well-being and a helping hand to regain your pretty figure? Discover the essential treatments for young mothers in our After Baby Trio. It is composed of 3 expert and efficient treatments with natural & organic active ingredients. ITS SECRET n° 1 : A soft care adapted for the intimate area weakened by the pregnancy and solicited during the childbirth, allows appeasement and comfortThe INTIME (care of intimate hygiene hydrating and alleviating) : The aloe vera and the organic glycerin alleviate irritations and soften the sensitized mucous membranes and weakened by the childbirth. Associated with the water of cranberry BIO, the prebiotic 100% natural take part in the protection of the vaginal flora by stimulating the presence of protective bacteria.respectful of the natural PH of the vaginal flora, this gel of intimate hygiene is without soap and formulated with soft tensioactifs. L'Intime was tested under gynecological control. Its PH is 5.Secret n°2: An adapted massage associated with a shaping and toning care compatible with breast feeding allows the skin to find its tonicity and its firmness as of the first weeks after the childbirth THE FIRMING COACH (toning & shaping body care): Natural and biological, it gives to the skin the resources necessary to find its initial qualities. Water clover and extracts of brown and green algae stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers; cherry water and rose hip oil restore vitality, suppleness and beauty to the skin.Secret #3: A fortifying lotion to counteract hormonal hair loss after childbirth. It slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth.MY HANDKERCHIEF (anti-hair loss hair lotion): ultra-innovative, rich in nutrients and 100% natural, turmeric stimulates hair growth and prolongs the life cycle of the hair. Its trace elements and vitamins participate in the production of keratin, the main component of hair, and in the synthesis of collagen, which anchors the hair in the dermis and improves its structure. EFFECTIVENESS PROVEN THE INTIMATE / care of intimate hygiene hydrating and alleviatingSoothes irritations: 100 Hydrates: 95 Reduces odors: 86%*Satisfaction test carried out on 22 women over 28 days THE FIRMING COACH / toning & shaping body careVisible effectiveness after 20 days of daily application:Firmer skin: 83 More toned skin: 83 Smoother, more beautiful skin: 87%*Satisfaction test carried out on 23 women over a 28-day periodMON COUP DE POUSSE / fortifying and anti-hair loss lotionVisible effectiveness after 45 days:Hair regains density: 83 Stimulates hair growth: 74 Hair regains vitality: 78%*Test of use under dermatological control carried out on 21 volunteers for 90 daysSAFETYThe Trio after baby set is composed of products specifically formulated for young mothers. They offer maximum safety for mom & baby:A guarantee of safety for pregnant and nursing women evaluated by an independent expert. (Safety certificate issued for pregnant and breastfeeding women, formulas guaranteed without essential oils). An ECOCERT certified organic cosmetic reference excluding all controversial ingredients (endocrine disruptors, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, CMR, etc.) This post-pregnancy set is a ritual that has obtained the SLOWCOSMETIC label, which advocates a more ecological and honest cosmetic. The three products are also labeled VEGAN by the animal rights organization PETA.

Care for women Omum nouvelle version Coffret Trio Apres Bebe
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Additional Information

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  • Color : Pink
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