Women's care Omum Mes Essentiels Grossesse

Women's care Omum Mes Essentiels Grossesse

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Women's care Omum Mes Essentiels Grossesse

Need an ally durant your pregnancy? Don't look any further, the composition of Mes Essentiels Grossesse is made for you! A selection of organic cosmetics specially dedicated to pregnant women to answer all the little inconveniences of pregnancy (stretch marks, hormonal upheavals, discomforts...) and be at the top during these 9 months! HER SECRET
Secret n° 1 : The intimate area, weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, must be cleansed and soothed with a soft and adapted intimate care
L'INTIME (moisturizing and soothing intimate hygiene care): Aloe vera and organic glycerin soothe irritation and soften mucous membranes sensitized and weakened by childbirth. Associated with the water of cranberry BIO, the prebiotic 100% natural take part in the protection of the vaginal flora by stimulating the presence of protective bacteria.
Respectful of the natural PH of the vaginal flora, it is without soap and formulated starting from soft tensioactifs. L'Intime has been tested under gynecological control and has a PH of 5.
Secret n°2 : For an effective prevention of stretch marks during the pregnancy, choose a complex of noble vegetable oils recognized for their hydrating, regenerating and softening virtues. LA SURDOUEE (anti-stretch mark dry oil): The combination of aloe vera and 9 natural oils 100% ORGANIC ultra-rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 actively prevents the appearance of stretch marks by durably nourishing the skin, promoting its regeneration and improving skin elasticity.
Beauty secret #3: Skin imperfections caused by hormonal changes can be avoided with a balancing facial
MA JOLIE PEAU (moisturizing & rebalancing organic face cream): specifically formulated to respond to hormonal imbalances linked to pregnancy, this organic face care soothes & rebalances the fragile skin of future mothers. It allows to absorb the excess of sebum on the fatty zones while supporting the rehydration of the dry and very dry zones.
L'INTIME / hydrating and alleviating intimate hygiene care
Soothes irritations: 100 Hydrates: 95 Reduces odors: 86 *Satisfaction test carried out on 22 women over 28 days
LA SURDOUÉE / dry oil with anti-stretch mark action
The skin is supple: 95 The skin is nourished: 85 The elasticity is improved : 75 Use test under dermatological control, % satisfaction, 56 days, 20 volunteers
MA JOLIE PEAU / organic moisturizing & rebalancing face cream
Soothed and more comfortable skin: 86 More beautiful skin: 64 Unified skin: 59 *Satisfaction test conducted on 22 women over 28 days
The Mes Essentiels Grossesse kit is composed of certified organic cosmetics specifically formulated for pregnant women and young mothers. They offer maximum safety for mom and baby:
A guarantee of safety for pregnant and nursing women evaluated by an independent toxicologist expert. (Safety certificate issued for pregnant and breastfeeding women, formulas guaranteed without essential oil)
An ECOCERT* certified organic cosmetic reference excluding all controversial ingredients (endocrine disruptors, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, CMR, etc.)
> The Mes Essentiels Grossesse kit can be used from the beginning of pregnancy and is compatible with breastfeeding
This pregnancy kit is a ritual that has obtained the SLOWCOSMETIC label, which defends a more ecological and honest cosmetic. The three face care products for pregnancy are also labeled VEGAN by the animal rights organization PETA.

Women's care Omum Mes Essentiels Grossesse
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Additional Information

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