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The practice of skateboarding will not be able to do without appropriate equipment and materials. Shoes, wheels, boards, backpacks, accessories, caps, streetwear, ... discover complete high quality products to fully indulge your passion for extreme sports and in particular skateboarding! 

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All the articles necessary for skateboarders

Even if having a complete skateboard is enough to "ride", additional equipment is necessary for a safe practice in the right conditions. Shoes, wheels, backpacks, accessories, skateboards, caps, streetwear... Find in a few clicks these products designed by famous brands to help you progress quickly !

From the skateboarder to the skater

Which skateboard to use ?

Is this the first time you have ridden a skateboard ? To start, you don't need a specialised board ! Opt for standard models offering manoeuvrability, flexibility and resistance. Don't forget to take your size into account! It must be adapted to the size of the skate: the width varies between 7.5 inches and 8.25 inches, which corresponds to 18 and 25 cm; the length varies between 29 inches and 33 inches, which corresponds to 73.6 cm and 84 cm respectively. Designed to be strong and light, our models are ideal for beginners. For example, you can choose between the Classic 7.75'' from Jart or the 180 WINGSPAN from Tony Hawk or the TEAM OVAL CAMO 7.3'' from real! Treat yourself to these complete skateboards at a reduced price !

Which wheels to choose?

Are you starting to gain experience in skateboarding ? You can now select each of the components of your skateboard according to your practice (street, cruiser, freeride, etc.... ). Starting with the wheels! You should know that there are two types: those with hardness "a" and those with hardness "b". If you're looking for speed, choose hardness "b" and you'll be able to glide easily. On the other hand, if you want more grip, choose hardness "a" instead. Find the best wheel brands such as Bones, Spitefire or Powell-peralta at unbeatable prices !

How do you get the right shoes for skateboarding ?

Skateboarding shoes must meet precise criteria to help you prevent injuries and perform tricks more easily. They must have a suitable sole to allow you to feel the contact with the board. The soles should also provide excellent cushioning, as you will have to do a lot of jumping. Finally, it would be ideal to have shoes with reinforcements in the friction areas. The adidas 3MC Vulc or VL Court 2.0 should do the trick! Other Converse, Vans or DC models are also available at a great price !

Which accessories for skateboarders ?

As you've probably noticed, a skateboard includes the assembly of about thirty elements. In order to help you make the various adjustments or changes of parts, you need suitable accessories such as the skatetool ! This is a very practical little tool to screw or unscrew certain elements during your practice. And since it can happen that the surfaces you want to ride on are not slippery enough to your liking, you will need the Wax. A little coat of paraffin here and there and that's it !

And if you want to effectively eliminate vibrations, get some pads ! These pads give you the opportunity to raise your skateboard to the right level ! Access these accessories at the lowest price on the market !

How do you transport your skateboarding items ?

To be able to take your board and all the accessories you need with you wherever you go, you need a suitable backpack. In addition to the criteria of resistance and solidity, choose a model with a large capacity. For example, 20-litre backpacks can hold your spare shoes, notebooks, deck and even your water bottle !

What style of clothing should I wear ?

Since skateboarders are easily recognizable by their streetwear look, it's normal that you adopt the same style of clothing! But whatever you put on, it should give you the freedom of movement you need ! That's essential if you're going to be able to move around freely. In this case, choose loose-fitting clothes such as baggy trousers and an Oversize T-shirt ! But you can also wear slim trousers and a slightly tight T-shirt with a flannel shirt ! To complete your look, put on a casual cap or bob hat to avoid being blinded by the sun. And to stand out from the other skateboarders, a bandana is recommended ! It's not for nothing that skateboarding is associated with the notion of Lifestyle !