Fishing: equipment and accessories at competitive prices

At Sport is good, you will find all the fishing equipment you need to live your passion to the full. Whether you fish in ponds, lakes, rivers or large streams, we offer a wide range of fishing rods, bait, transport, assembly, bivouacs and fishing clothes.

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All fishing equipment in one place

Fishing is an excellent way to relieve stress and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in a serene setting. But when you go fishing, you need to be well equipped. Sport is good is your online partner allowing you to buy all the necessary equipment to practice and succeed your fishing. Hundreds of fishing rods, baits, transport, tackle, equipment, bivouacs and clothing are available here. We have carefully selected them from the world's leading brands such as: CCMoore, Fox, CarpSpirit, Avid, Korda etc.

Various types of fishing rods available at unbeatable prices

There is no good fisherman without a good fishing rod ! There are different types of carp rods depending on your fishing technique and location. We offer carp rods under 10 feet (3m), which are ideal if you are rowing or fishing from a boat. They are easy to handle and take up little space, making them easy to carry and set up. However, if you prefer to land on the bank, choose from our rods longer than 10 feet. These rods are very flexible and can be used for long distance casting. There are also marker rods for probing an area to see if it's a good place for a carp session. Very powerful and strong, spod rods are a better ally for heavy baiting over an area several metres from the bank. To complete your carp rod, don't forget to buy reels, which are an essential part of your fishing rod. Separate holders, rodspods and spikes are also available depending on the conditions and terrain.

Top quality fishing tackle

To ensure that you can set up your line efficiently and fish in perfect conditions, we offer tackle and sinker accessories. Selected from the best brands on the market, such as Fox or Spad End, they ensure impeccable quality and adaptability to your needs. They will allow you to make neat rigs that will fool even the most wary carp. For line bodies or leaders, you will be satisfied by our resistant products and good diameters. Our weights are presented in different shapes to meet your specific needs.

The best baits on the market for effective fishing

To catch carp, baits are essential. Here too, a wide range of baits is available. Boilies of all sizes, pellets, additives/boosters, prepared seeds, artificial baits, but also baiting tools, all selected from the major brands are offered to you at reduced prices. Available in a variety of flavours, they are more effective and easier to use to ensure you get a big catch. Depending on the length of your adventure and the goals you want to achieve, remember to order the right quantity.

Bivouac gear for your multi-day fishing trips

If you plan to go fishing for several days or want to practice your passion at night, you need bivouac equipment to fully enjoy your adventure. Called biwys, fishing tents offer you enough space to accommodate a bed chair, sleeping bags, and all your fishing gear. They are available in 1 or 2 seaters to suit your needs. They are quick and easy to set up and are made from tough, waterproof materials to protect you and your gear from the elements. Other bivouac equipment is also available to improve your comfort and convenience : umbrellas, chairs, camping accessories such as tables, bowls, lamps, stoves, etc. As long as you take everything you need with you, you're guaranteed to have a great time relaxing and enjoying the water !

A wide range of clothing and dedicated transport equipment

Sport fishing also requires good clothing. Indeed, during your activity, you will surely face the cold, the wind, the rain or the sun. Caps, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, rain gear, wetsuits, goggles... you will find all the clothing and accessories you need to cope with all weather conditions, while keeping your style.

To complete your fishing equipment, remember to choose practical products to transport them efficiently and easily and to protect them from the elements. We have boxes of all sizes to store your accessories and leaders, buckets to store your bait, rod covers, different pouches or bags, but also coolers for your catch.