Our selection of climbing products at low cost

Whether you practice rock climbing, bouldering or indoor climbing, find in our selection of climbing shoes, textile, helmets, luggage, ropes, harnesses, accessories, from the best climbing brands. Take advantage of our quality equipment offered at unbeatable prices, and go climbing in complete safety !

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A wide range of equipment for safe and comfortable climbing

Climbing an indoor wall or a cliff is no child's play ! It is an extreme sporting activity that requires a long preparation. But it allows you to overcome your fears and become one with nature when climbing outdoors. As you can probably imagine, it is only with the right climbing equipment that you can enjoy yourself and feel safe.

Would you like to boulder or climb in the mountains ? We have the right climbing equipment for all levels: beginners, advanced and experts. You will find a selection of brands such as Adidas, Bliz, Beal, ClimbingTechnology or Millet.

Equipment needed for bouldering

Bouldering, formerly known as bleausard, is the discipline that requires the least amount of climbing equipment. It is a solo climb that requires relatively short and intense efforts. Men, women, children, you will find all the equipment you need in our shop, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.

Let's start with the most important: the bouldering shoes. This is the most important piece of equipment for you. With a flat, thin sole, our climbing shoes allow you to feel the different surfaces under your foot. They are flexible for greater malleability and their rubber offers a very good grip for a good hold.

A chalk bag will also be useful to dry your hands before the effort and to have more grips. And that's it, you are well equipped for bouldering !

Equipment to bring for climbing

Whether you practice sport climbing or speed climbing, you need a little more equipment than for bouldering. In addition to shoes and a chalk bag, you need climbing ropes, quickdraws, harnesses and other accessories. A helmet is also essential to protect you if your head hits the rock in a fall. We offer different types of climbing shoes from Adidas : velcro, lace-up and ballet shoes. They fit tightly and perfectly so that your feet don't slip out of them. Also, since you'll be carrying a lot of gear, you'll need a large backpack to carry it to your favourite cliff or gym. Choose a sturdy, durable bag with good carrying comfort to get you through your adventures.

Choose equipment according to your level and grades

Are you new to climbing and wondering how to choose your equipment ? The choice is made according to the level of difficulty of the route. This is indicated by a system of ratings ranging from 3 to 9. For example, a beginner's route is 4A, then it goes up to 4b, and so on up to 9c. Adam Ondra, the Czech professional climber, climbed the first 9c in history in Norway. If you dream of reaching his level of performance, you will have to work hard. But don't worry ! Whatever your current level, we support and encourage you with high quality and strictly tested equipment. Their comfort, sturdiness and compliance with standards will allow you to practice with confidence and to quickly move up to the next level.

Quality clothing and accessories to guarantee your climbing performance

But climbing also requires specific clothing. That's why we've selected a wide range of men's and women's clothing at the best prices with fast delivery. You will find trousers, shorts, tank tops, and also parkas and warm jackets for climbing in cold environments. All our models are light and breathable to give you the most freedom of movement possible. They are made of soft, stretchy and comfortable materials to be versatile. Some of them allow you to recover optimally after your sessions, such as the recovery socks and the Booster Elite EV 02 sleeves from BV Sport, which reduce post-exercise muscle pain.

To boost your performance, various accessories can also be useful. The Tempo goggles from Blizz, for example, can help you to have a clear view in different weather conditions. The tips and nose piece are adjustable to ensure a good fit when climbing. To avoid hand pain during belaying or abseiling, a pair of gloves is also welcome !