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Going into the wilderness for camping requires the right equipment to enjoy the experience. Tents, sleeping bags, kitchen, furniture, lighting... nothing should be neglected for maximum comfort! Discover the camping essentials offered by the leading brands!

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There is nothing more frustrating than having bad equipment ! And it's even more annoying if a piece of equipment such as a lamp breaks down in the middle of the night ! To avoid this kind of mishap, the brands considered as references in the camping world make reliable equipment. On our website you will find quality products from Action, Msr and Nemo at unbeatable prices !

Complete camping equipment for comfort

Which tents to choose for camping ?

It's your first time camping and you don't know what equipment to take ? Since you will be sleeping outdoors, the first step is to choose the right tents ! But before you do that, you should know that your choice depends on the type of activity: light hiking, high mountain, ... Is it for static use or roaming ?

Are you planning to spend your nights in "bivouac" mode ? Choose a light hiking tent ! This one has the advantage of being both easy to carry and easy to pitch! Made from special materials, this model is weatherproof! Need some ideas to inspire you ? The Zoic 2 from Msr will certainly do the trick !

Is your group planning to stay in the same place for a few days ? Then a camping tent is recommended ! It is heavier than a trekking tent, but the latter is more comfortable ! It also has a large storage capacity. Want us to guide you in your choice ? Then the Dagger and Dragonfly from Nemo meet all the above requirements. Treat yourself to these quality tents at a discounted price !

After that, there is another criterion to consider: the number of people. Going solo ? The 1-person tent is the obvious choice ! Going camping with a family member ? Opt for a 2-person tent! Is the whole tribe going on an adventure ? Then the family tent is the best choice !

Finally, for the practical side, don't forget the folding tents !

Which sleeping bags should I choose ?

Sleeping bags are an essential part of a tent and a must-have item when camping. To make the right choice, you should consider the following points: shape, comfort temperature, filling and compressed volume. For the first point, opt for sarcophagus-shaped bags, as they fit snugly and offer optimal thermal protection. You can choose between synthetic and down filling. The latter has the advantage of being insulating and breathable, but it is not resistant to moisture, unlike synthetic sleeping bags. In terms of volume, down models have better compression and are therefore less bulky to carry! Convinced? Our products are available in 2 or 3 different sizes and signed by famous brands such as Husky, millet, nordisk and wilsa! Take advantage of our exceptional prices !

And what about cooking on a campsite ?

Since you are going to spend days in the forest, you will have to cook your own meals ! Therefore, you need good cooking equipment ! First of all, you need a stove to cook your food. As a container, choose an aluminium pan, as it is light, strong and durable ! Of course, it wouldn't be practical to eat with your hands ! So you will need cutlery kits. Don't forget the little cup for your hot drinks ! The important thing about kitchen products is that they should be compact so that they are easy to carry.

Which furniture for the campsite ?

Maximum comfort is a real plus for campers ! And furniture is one of those things that makes the adventure enjoyable ! For more practicality, opt for folding tables and chairs. And since nothing should be left lying around, don't neglect storage ! The camping cupboard is the perfect solution ! And if you want to bask in the sun, you'll need a parasol or umbrella to prevent heat stroke. Get these items at low prices !

How to light up in the dark ?

No matter where you are, you'll need a light source when you're camping ! Do you usually read before going to sleep ? The headlamp is your precious ally. You won't disturb the other people in the tent with it. However, if you want to go out at night, a torch is certainly more effective! In terms of interior lighting, a simple light bulb is the ideal light !