All our combat sports items at the best prices : shoes, clothing and equipments

Discover a large choice of high quality equipment dedicated to combat sports on sportisgood: shoes, gloves, kimono, belts, jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, punching bags. Find our selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children designed by major brands such as Montana, Venum, Mizuno, adidas, Reebok...

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Everything for combat sports: clothing, shoes and equipment

Combat sports include a large number of disciplines, the most popular of which are boxing, karate, judo, Taekwondo, MMA, kung-fu, Jiu-jitsu. In order to practice your favourite sport to the maximum of your efficiency and in complete safety, adapted equipment is required. Dedicated clothing and protection will be essential to train in the best possible way to improve your level.

Sportisgood offers you a wide choice of products at unbeatable prices for many combat sports and martial arts: shoes, clothing, gloves, belts, combat bags. Our selection includes jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, kimonos for men, women and children from the most famous brands: Mizuno, Venum, Tremblay... Featherweight, heavyweight, amateur, advanced. Whatever your category and level, find everything you need to maximise your training and reach your goals quickly.

Kimonos and belts for beginners and experienced practitioners, at the best prices.

The kimono is an essential element in the practice of combat sports such as judo, karate or Brazilian ju-jitsu. Whether you are looking for a judogi, a karategi or a GI, you are sure to find the one that suits you best among our wide selection.
The little judokas and Teddy Rinner fans will be seduced by the comfort of the Boa models: jacket in "grain of rice" cotton and trousers in soft, light fabric. Advanced and expert athletes will opt for the quality and suppleness of Mizuno IJF approved kimonos. For your BJB training and competitions, you will be spoilt for choice. Our collection includes the Mizuno kimono worn by the French Jujitsu team, but also the "Fit Athletic & Basic" kimonos of the Boa Fightwear brand. To complete your equipment, also take advantage of our extensive choice of belts made of high quality and extremely resistant fabric.

Special gloves and protection for combat sports

Different protections will be necessary to avoid accidents that may occur in the ring during your training and fights. Whether you are a boxer, a karateka, a mixed martial arts practitioner, you will find all the protective equipment you need on sportisgood. From boxing bands, to mouth guards, ear and wrist guards, to helmets and shin guards, we have top quality items that combine comfort, reliability and optimal safety.

Helmets from Venum are a must for their ergonomic cut and high density foam for optimal shock absorption. The world-famous French brand also offers mouthguards with a "Nexfit Gel" structure and a rubber inner layer, as well as earmuffs made of neoprene fabric with moulded shells.
To work on your hooks and learn how to knock out your opponent quickly, we provide you with gloves for boxing training. These bag gloves will allow you to improve your power and endurance in complete safety, without the risk of injury. Discover also different boxing mittens for combat sports designed by the famous brand Tremblay. For better protection of your joints, choose models with gel padding. You'll also find various materials and accessories such as punching bags and bear paws in our online shop.

T-shirts, combat jerseys, training shorts from major brands.

To practice your favourite discipline in the best conditions, find here a wide choice of clothing designed specifically for combat sports. Made from breathable materials, our training t-shirts and shorts will accompany you during your daily training sessions, providing you with maximum comfort. Explore our selection to discover different models of combat shorts designed for MMA. Most of these shorts are equipped with mesh panels to provide you with efficient ventilation throughout your intense efforts.

We also have a wide choice of short and long-sleeved jerseys made from technical fabrics: compression jerseys, rashgards, training jerseys. Compression jerseys are designed to reduce muscle vibrations during your exercises and improve your performance. Some models can be worn under a judo kimono during your training sessions. The rashgards offered by the famous brand Venum are made of an ultra-light spandex material allowing you to enjoy exceptional mobility.

To complete your outfit, we also offer a wide range of shoes adapted to combat sports for men, women and children.