Medicine ball 2 handles 4.4 kgBody Solid

Medicine ball 2 handles 4.4 kgBody Solid

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Medicine ball 2 handles 4.4 kgBody Solid

The ball's in your court! No more excuses for not building muscles and toning up, this ball is ideal for upper and lower body and abdominal training. Body-Solid's Medicine Balls add variable resistance to a variety of exercises and can be used to better target and strengthen abdominal muscles that are so hard to reach in traditional workouts. Body-Solid offers them with a non-slip surface to bring modernity and flexibility to existing exercises. The medicine balls are ideal for daily training, they are compact enough to be easily stored, no matter the size of your room. The tools you need for the physique you desire!Just like weight training machines that allow you to isolate and train each muscle or muscle group separately, medicine balls allow you to train the entire body like a specific machine.1 By holding them in the palms of your hands and swinging your arms in a variety of fluid and varied movements, medicine balls allow you to move around without worries, thus increasing the range of exercises available.2 Non-slip rubber grips for ease of use and freedom of movement for all one-handed and two-handed exercises. Durable rubber Non-slip serrated surface for a better grip Available in different weights. All 2-handle balls are black.

Medicine ball 2 handles 4.4 kgBody Solid
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Body Solid
  • Manufacturer SKU : BSTDMB10
  • Color : black white
  • Color : Black
  • Size : One size
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Age group : Adult
  • Team : N/A
  • Characteristic : N/A
  • Assortment : 4,4kg
  • Matière principal : N/A
  • Shipped in 24h : N/A

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