jordan playground ball 2.0 [Size  7]

jordan playground ball 2.0 [Size  7]

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jordan playground ball 2.0

Jordan Playground Basketball Black

Michael Jordan is a basketball god. The former number 23 of the Chicago Bulls has set the bar extremely high for future generations: 6 championship titles, 6 MVP titles, numerous leading scorer titles, grandiose feats on the court, his unimaginable dunks, are the reasons why he is considered as The Legend of Basketball. The Jordan Brand. During Michael Jordan's first season, the basketball world quickly realized who they were dealing with. It wasn't just his impressive play, but his friendly smile and charismatic personality, a likeable man that fascinated the world. The muse of an ideal brand and Nike understood it first. In the 90's, the fashion goes into hysteria. Jordan breaks all records, and is more famous than the Beatles, even the President of the United States wears unique Jordan shoes. Today, this hysteria is still not calmed down, when a Jordan pair is released, whether it is a reissue, retro model or a special edition, Jordan sneakers are lined up in front of the store. In a few minutes the stocks are often exhausted, then they reappear

  • Deep grooves and panels
  • Exceptional feeling of control
  • Very good grip
  • Excellent performance
  • Composition: 83% rubber / 17% synthetic leather.
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Nike
  • Manufacturer SKU : J000186504107
  • Size : Size 7
  • Color : black / gray / red
  • Color : Black
  • Gender : Men
  • Age group : Adult
  • Assortment : No
  • Apparel type : Balloon
  • Team : No