All our lifestyle volleyball items at unbeatable prices

Underline your art of living through our tee-shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts and jackets at low prices! The big names in sportswear such as Adidas, Hummel, Under Armour, Nike, Puma and Le Coq Sportif offer lifestyle-looking clothes for all fashion lovers, men and women.

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Lifestyle clothing for all seasons and occasions

Refine your look on a daily basis, in the field, in the street or at work by adopting a contemporary style with a sporty look! We've stocked up on sportswear giants such as Nike, Adidas, Hummel and Under Armour to keep sports fans happy, especially volleyball fans.

Light tops for sunny days

With a casual look, these T-shirts have a soft, breathable and extremely soft-touch textile design to give you the ultimate all-day comfort. Available in unisex and feminine cuts, they are perfect for outings with friends, relaxing at home or shopping.

With 100% volleyball designs, they display funny phrases such as "grumpy & volletuous", "relou, but volletuous" and "no pressure" on the front. It's a great way to show your love for the sport wherever you go.

Several models are also dedicated to fans of blue. They proudly display the word "Yavbou", verlan de bouillave (slang term meaning "to have sex"), which has become the brand name of the men's volleyball team, in homage to their crushing victory over Slovenia in the final of the 2015 European championship. Some are embellished with slogans such as: "I can't have Yavbou playing" or "impossible is not Yavbou".

More sporty models are also available for training sessions: long-sleeved T-shirts and unisex and feminine tank tops. Made from lightweight and flexible textile, they allow for great arm mobility for top performance.

Streetwear and sportswear shorts and pants


To match your jerseys, tank tops and training T-shirts, these trousers with ribbed or zipped bottoms are made from flexible and functional fabric. With a high-performance moisture wicking system and good thermal insulation, they guarantee maximum comfort and performance during all your exercises in cool weather. Their straight, tight or tapered cut makes them perfect for volleyball.

Other more casual models in chino and cotton are available to complete your look during your moments of relaxation off the field. Very silky, they provide a very pleasant sensation on contact with your skin.


Sporty or Bermuda shorts, these shorts are recommended for outings and exercises in hot weather. Featuring 100% sporty designs, they elegantly complement your style both on and off the field. Their carefully studied cut is combined with flexible, soft and functional textiles for maximum freshness at all times. Very light and supple, they guarantee mobility.

Winter tops for all kinds of activities

No matter what your winter activities are, be they sporting, recreational or professional, we have the outfit you need.

An inveterate sportsman? The cold is not an obstacle to practising your exercises? Opt for training jackets and sweatshirts in polyester or nylon from Nike, Hummel and Macron! Warm and comfortable, these warm garments benefit from an excellent perspiration evacuation system to allow your body to keep its full capacity throughout the effort. With an ergonomic cut, these women's and men's jackets have ribbed cuffs and bottoms, guaranteeing a good fit for maximum concentration. Their soft fabric allows for great mobility for increased performance.

Winter means cold, damp and wind. Other models have been designed for this purpose (parkas and jackets). Made from water-repellent fabric with a water-repellent closure or windproof coating, these very warm and comfortable outfits are ideal for braving the elements. They can be worn during training sessions as well as during friendly or family outings. Equipped with pockets, zipped or not, they allow you to put various small accessories under cover along all your activities.

For more comfort, you can choose between jackets and sweatshirts made of very soft fleece or down jackets with soft padding. With a more casual design, they are perfect for everyday outings and physical exercise. Designs for French volleyball fans are also available with logos and texts that relate to the Yavbou team.