All our equipment for your Volleyball Club

Any self-respecting sports discipline requires a minimum of equipment to be practised in good conditions. Volleyball is no exception to the rule! Training equipment, protections, accessories, care, nutrition, luggage...  find in a few clicks all the equipment you need to help you perform.

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Volleyball equipment for all players

It's no secret that good equipment is essential to help athletes excel in their field. Discover the latest technologies from the most fashionable brands to help you play volleyball like a pro! Treat yourself to high quality equipment at a reduced price! Luggage, training equipment, accessories, protection, care and nutrition, balls, net, referee, club area... find complete articles to satisfy your passion!

What equipment for the players?

The essential accessories

Playing volleyball is all about running, jumping, sliding... In short, it's all about constant movement, so you have to protect yourself from the discomfort of perspiration. To prevent perspiration from distracting you, you need to wear headbands. Lightweight and made from absorbent knit fabric, they help you stay focused on the game! In case the headbands don't inspire you, you can opt for the terry wristband. With just one movement, this gives you the possibility to absorb perspiration effectively. Stretchy and made of terry towelling, this accessory wicks moisture away from you. And since perspiration rhymes with dehydration, you'll need water bottles for your favourite drinks. The stainless steel ones will guarantee lightness and long-lasting use. What's more, they're inexpensive!

How to protect yourself?

Because volleyball puts a lot of strain on the joints, especially at knee level, a few protective pads won't be too much! To avoid injury, you will need knee pads. To ensure your comfort, they are made of materials that combine resistance and breathability. The Tokyo Evolution from Errea or the Black Streak from Nike are ideal for playing with confidence. However, the knees are not the only vulnerable parts! In order to protect yourself from shocks which are quite frequent in this sport, don't hesitate to use elbow pads. They incorporate an anti-perspiration fabric to keep you always dry, but also a compression fit to improve blood circulation. This is the case with the Pro Elite elbow pad by Nike or the Arm Sleeve by Kempa, the choice is yours! What do they have in common? An unbeatable price!

How to treat yourself?

In spite of the precautions taken, it can happen that a player gets injured. Rest assured, injuries in volleyball are rarely serious! A bump here, a small slide there, to alleviate minor injuries, you need a cold spray. To quickly soothe your pain, this will bring the temperature down instantly. And if you have blisters on your feet, opt for a second-skin bandage. They are ultra-thin and protect fragile areas while promoting optimal healing.

How to transport these accessories?

Between water bottles, headbands, knee pads and care products, it would be difficult to take these items with you without a suitable sports bag. For this, you need a model with a fairly large volume. In addition, you need to be able to carry two things: sturdiness and portability. The Hummel Core sports bag or the Erima Club 1900 2.0 will do the trick! Get your dream model at an unbeatable price!

Which nutrients for energy recovery?

A volleyball match lasts on average 1 hour. As you spend a lot of energy, you have to think about how to recover it. You should not neglect the nutritional aspect. Favour protein bars! They allow you to increase your protein intake without adding a lot of sugar. As for hydration, choose energy drinks. They help you maintain your performance by contributing to your energy metabolism.

What equipment for referees?

Because a volleyball match always requires the presence of a referee, our site provides equipment dedicated to it. A stopwatch and a whistle are essential to signal break times and restarts. And for penalties, the referee uses cards of different colours. If the red card indicates the loss of a point and service, the yellow card indicates a warning.

What training equipment for clubs?

Do you belong to a club ? Adapted equipment will be essential for training sessions. Starting with balls! Made of synthetic composite, they provide a soft and pleasant touch! Their foam coating provides ideal shock absorption. Secondly, it would be difficult to train properly without a suitable volleyball net! The volleyball net should be 1 m high and between 9.50 and 10 m long. In addition, to be legal, its structure must be correct.