Our selection of our volley balls at the best prices

Volleyball is played on all kinds of courts, both indoor and outdoor, and requires balls of a certain quality. These balls are available for all levels (beginner, advanced, expert) and derived sports such as beach volleyball and football volleyballFind the biggest brands of volleyball balls for competition, training, beach volleyball, packs and accessories in order to fully enjoy your passion !

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Professional and amateur volleyballs, suitable for all types of terrain.

As with any other sports equipment, the choice of balls is made according to your level. To do this, we have established a selection to determine the perfect ball for all your practices.

Volleyball balls specially designed for competitions

At promotional prices, you can choose between these Molten and Mikasa competition balloons.

Mikasa's bales have an ideal weight and are designed with 18 thermally bonded panels for maximum strength and durability. Official ball of the International Volleyball Federation, they have a soft polyurethane coating with exceptional adherence, guaranteeing perfect control. Their anti-perspirant surface provides a pleasant contact and an excellent grip. Lighter models, intended for junior competitions (chick, Benjamin, school), are also available at competitive prices.

FIVB and FFVB approved, Molten balls are dedicated to the world championships. Incorporating a nylon frame and a butyl inner tube, they benefit from good air retention and perfect roundness for better rebounds. Combined with their smooth surface offering an excellent grip, they provide a very high quality of play. They are manufactured with 32 hand-stitched panels for extra strength and maximum durability. These balls are recommended for indoor use.

Initiation and improvement

For young and old, beginners, experienced or professional, they are made by Wilson, Tremblay, Mikasa in a robust way with high quality material to adapt to all your practices on indoor or outdoor surfaces. Others with a water-repellent coating allow you to practice during bad weather.

Intended for initiation, Tremblay finger volleyballs are balls specially designed to learn finger placement.

Specific models for derivative sports such as soft volleyball are also available. Made entirely from soft, solid foam, they offer optimal playing comfort. With a design inspired by the official ball of the national soft volleyball competition, its high quality rubber cover guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and maximum durability.

Beach volleyballs

FIVB-approved, these official balls for the World Beach Volleyball Championship and the French Championship Series 1 have a 10-panel sewn construction, combined with a high quality foam covering, to guarantee excellent resistance to sand and humidity. Their solid assembly ensures good sphericity and optimum durability.

You can also opt for more trendy models with eccentric designs such as those with multiple fluorescent colours, colourful graffiti or the balloon inspired by the one used in Tom Hawks' film "Alone in the World". In addition to their neat design, they are very sturdy, have an excellent grip and incorporate rubber bladders that guarantee a better quality of play.

Footballs volleyballs

Played with the feet, this discipline requires balls that are stronger and less light than those used in volleyball.

Sturdy, resistant and durable, these FIFA Quality Pro certified balls benefit from a perfect roundness and optimal rebound for great playing comfort and top level performance.

Several batches of balls

Club or organiser of sporting events? These volleyball sets are perfect for you. Packs of 3, 5 and 10, including competition, training and beach volleyballs. Offering discounts of up to -30%, they are designed for all kinds of sports and fun activities.

Various types of ball accessories

In the management of a club or your personal practices, several accessories are necessary for the maintenance of the balls, starting with bags and luggage. Indeed, if you have to store or transport several balls daily it is imperative to have a bag, net or cart. Offering plenty of storage space, they can hold several balls at a time and allow them to be moved easily thanks to transport straps or multidirectional wheels. Designed with high quality materials, they have excellent abrasion resistance and maximum durability.

You will also need these air pumps, compressors, needles and pressure gauges to inflate them and monitor their pressure. Very easy to use, these accessories from Nike, Tremblay, Adidas, Under Armour and Uhlsport take up very little space and can fit in the corner of your bag.