All our table tennis equipments at the best prices : rackets, shoes, clothing and other accessories

It is difficult to play table tennis without the right equipment! In order to allow players of all levels to practice in optimal conditions, renowned brands have designed high quality products for them ! Rackets, shoes, balls, accessories... nothing is left to chance !

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Table tennis equipment that meets your expectations

In every sport, players need good equipment to improve their performance. World-renowned brands such as Asics, adidas, Yonex, Tremblay and Sporti France are aware of this need and have developed reliable equipment to help table tennis players make optimal progress ! Rackets, shoes, balls, accessories... get access to these products and take advantage of our promotional prices !

Complete articles for table tennis players

Table tennis in a few lines

The history of table tennis goes back to the 1880s in England. It was invented by those gentlemen who, after their meal, wanted to discuss tennis ! To demonstrate some of the patterns of play, they used the dining table! A champagne cork was used as a ball and books were placed as a net ! Later, the ball was replaced by a celluloid model known for its lightness. And so table tennis was born ! Like all sports, it has its own set of rules. In general, a game is played in 3 or 4 winning sets. A player who scores 11 points first wins the set, but must be 2 points ahead of his opponent !

How do you choose your table tennis shoes ?

Since table tennis requires you to move quickly and abruptly, you need the right shoes. The following criteria should be taken into account: comfort, grip and shock absorption. Is this your first time playing table tennis and you don't really know what shoes to wear ? Choose one of the following models: the UPCOURT™ 4 from Asics, which offers you better support and stability during hard braking thanks to its synthetic leather overlays; the Adizero FastCourt P from adidas or the Power Cushion 65 Z2 Wide from Yonex. Get these shoes made of technical materials at a low price !

Rackets for all profiles

Table tennis would be almost impossible without rackets ! You should choose them according to your level and playing style ! If you are a beginner, you first need to master the right gestures and basic techniques. Therefore choose a model that offers a compromise between control, speed and spin ! The Tremblay beginner table tennis racket or the Sporti France Shooter will do the trick ! Treat yourself to these durable and resistant products at a reduced price !

If you are an experienced player, choose the models that allow you to have a better touch and control of the ball. Are you a table tennis expert ? Then choose the right racket for your style of play: allround, spin or speed.

Which balls should I use to play table tennis ?

Just like rackets, table tennis balls are essential ! They are made of celluloid and should be 4 cm in diameter and weigh less than 3 grams. Your choice should match the use you will make of them. For example, if you are training, choose balls with 1 or 2 stars. If you are going to compete, balls with a 3-star rating are recommended. At the moment, you can get these items at a very competitive price !

Which accessories should be used for table tennis ?

Since table tennis is played on a table, it is necessary to protect it from dirt and dust. So you need a suitable protective cover !

And because this sport requires you to be comfortable in your movements, lightweight clothing such as shorts is a must! Made from breathable fabric, our models keep you dry as the sets go by.

Since perspiration is inevitable, you'll need wristbands and headbands to effortlessly wick away the moisture !

Sweating means water loss ! It is advisable to have a water bottle so that you always have something to hydrate you !

Finally, as a table tennis player, you are never safe from a false move or a shock against the table ! Yes, it can happen ! On our website, you can find a set of protective equipment to play safely !