All our padel equipments at the best prices : rackets, shoes, clothing and other accessories

Squash is a sport that requires specific equipment in order to practice it correctly. Rackets, shoes, balls... discover complete equipment intended for the practitioners to allow them to progress quickly ! The latter benefit from high quality materials developed by famous brands !

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Squash equipment of incomparable reliability

Regardless of their level, squash players need the right equipment to practice in ideal conditions. This is why brands such as Asics, adidas, Yonex, Dunlop, Salming, Wilson or Hummel have developed innovative equipment to offer players the possibility to perform. Rackets, shoes, balls... Find this equipment on our website at an exceptional price !

Complete products dedicated to all squash players

Which shoes should I choose to play squash ?

Since the movements are quite violent in this discipline, it is recommended to choose shoes which can support these conditions. The shoes should be light but still provide good support and cushioning. Need some ideas on which shoe to choose ? The Gel-Rocket 9 from Asics meets these requirements! As well as being breathable, this one features the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ technology that allows you to control torsion and helps you change direction quickly. Want another option ? Then opt for the Yonex eclipsion x power cushion! Just like the previous model, it is made of technical materials and offers all the features you need ! Get these innovative pairs at a very competitive price !

How to choose the right squash racket ?

Like tennis, squash requires the use of a certain equipment: the rackets. The choice of the latter depends on your level of practice as well as the sensations you are looking for during the game. If you are a beginner, you should choose rackets with aluminium frames that are resistant to wall impacts! On the other hand, if you are an advanced or expert player, you need a carbon frame which is lighter. Besides the material, the size of the frame is also an important criterion ! If you want to give your shots more power, choose a large headset ! If you are looking for precision and more control over the ball, which is essential for scoring points, choose a smaller frame! To inspire you, the Impact Pro 300 by Wilson will certainly do the trick ! Lightweight and durable, it has everything you need to win many sets ! If you have a high technical level, there is also the HyperFiber XT Revelation Pro HL from Dunlop or the Fusione PowerLite™ from Salming. These rackets are available with or without a cover !

Which balls to choose ?

Being played indoors, squash requires the use of specific balls according to the rules. First of all, you should choose them according to your level ! For beginners, the blue dot squash ball is recommended because it bounces easily. For beginners, the red dot ball is ideal for smooth exchanges. If you are an experienced player, then the yellow dot ball is best. It is characterised by a lower bounce, which means that the game can be played more quickly. Finally, expert players are entitled to the double yellow dot ball ! With this model, the bounce is very low and the game will be accelerated to the maximum !

Depending on your level, you can choose either the yellow Staff squash point or the blue Staff squash point from Wilson. Go to our website and find these quality products for long term use ! Right now they are offered at a discounted price !

The essentials for the perfect squash player

In order to play this sport in the best conditions, you need a number of products that contribute to your comfort ! Starting with shorts ! These are usually short to give you freedom of movement ! Made of polyester, a breathable fabric, our models efficiently wick away perspiration ! So opt for the black club shorts by adidas.

And since squash makes you sweat profusely, eliminate the sweat by putting on a headband or cuffs ! Made from ultra-absorbent cotton, these allow you to wick away the moisture in one easy motion. Hummel's black 2020 terry cuffs are a perfect example !

Since you are not immune to impacts or shocks, discover on our site a set of protection to play safely !

In order to carry all this equipment with you, you will certainly need a suitable bag ! Don't forget to bring a water bottle for your energy drinks !