Our selection of Mizuno items for handball at the best prices

Handball requires the use of specific equipment. Shoes, clothes, accessories... Find all the essentials of Handball signed by the brand Mizuno and play like the stars like Nicolas Claire.

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Reliable handball products

Handball players need the right equipment to play in the right conditions on the court. To help them, equipment manufacturers such as Mizuno are constantly innovating to provide them with top quality equipment. On our website, you can quickly find everything you need to perform in all circumstances: shoes, clothing, accessories... all at an unbeatable price.

Equipment designed for handball players

Mizuno: A reference brand

Mizuno was created in Japan by Rihachi Mizuno in 1906. In the beginning, the brand simply imported baseball and golf equipment from the United States. But soon it began to design its own products. Its first products were tennis rackets and athletic shoes. Today, Mizuno is one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers and is particularly active in the world of handball. With its proven know-how, the brand has been able to distinguish itself from its competitors through its innovative technologies. As an example, we can mention its recent discovery which equips its sports shoes : Mizuno Enerzy. In a few words, it is a technology capable of offering exceptional flexibility and energy return.

Which Mizuno textile to choose ?

Since handball is a sport that requires players to be constantly on the move, the Japanese brand has designed clothing that provides both comfort and freedom of movement. This is the case with the jerseys, for example. Whether you are a man, a woman or a child, find the size that suits you. You can choose between the Core and Premium models. The latter is made of breathable polyester interlock fabric to combat perspiration. If you are on a tight budget, now is the time to take advantage of our discounted prices on these handball suits.

As far as shorts are concerned, Mizuno knows perfectly well how to meet the expectations of the players by favouring the notion of lightness and breathability. Choose between the following models : Authentic Air made from 100% polyester or the High - Kyu !

For training in cold weather, the Japanese brand offers trousers, jackets and sweatshirts capable of providing effective warmth to players. If you want options, you can choose between the Team sendai sweatshirt or the Osaka Wind jacket.

Which handball shoes to choose ?

As an equipment manufacturer considered as a reference, Mizuno is aware that each player evolves at a different level. For beginners, it suggests shoes that correspond to them, i.e. light trainers with good support. This is enough to acquire the basic movements such as jumping, passing, catching, shooting... For the intermediate level, versatile shoes are required, as the player does not yet have a fixed position, he can alternate roles according to the needs of the team. His shoes must therefore be light, resistant and have more cushioning. For the expert level, it will depend on the position occupied by the player: power positions such as backs, pivots or centre halves require more massive, encompassing and reinforcing shoes; more "aerial" positions such as wingers require models that are soft, light and enveloping.

Looking for the perfect handball shoe ? Mizuno has developed trainers for all levels. Are you a goalkeeper like Yann Genty ? No problem, there are shoes for all positions! You can choose the Thunder Blade 2 or the Wave Supersonic 2. Their price ? The lowest on the market.

What about Mizuno accessories ?

And because you should always bring your handball equipment with you, the Japanese brand has thought of everything by providing appropriate bags. For example, the Enamel shoulder bag or the Team ryoko Teamball. And as your safety is a priority for Mizuno, it has designed numerous solutions to reduce the risk of injury : Team knee pads, black elbow pads, compression sleeves... Benefit from maximum protection with a minimum budget.

For any purchase made, we can guarantee a fast delivery.