Our selection of Hummel items for handball at the best prices

Take advantage of big discounts on all our Hummel handball items to give your gear a boost. Men's, women's and children's handball clothing, shoes and accessories are available at rock-bottom prices right now.

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Hummel: the number one supplier to the world of handball

Founded in 1923 in Germany by a shoemaker by the name of Albert Messner, the brand took its first steps by designing football boots with studs. This was the origin of "Messmer & Co", a cooperation between him and his brother held in Hamburg. The company started out producing football and other sports, but in the years that followed it focused more and more on handball and became a reference in this field. This did not happen by chance, but thanks to a particular know-how in clothing, shoes and accessories for indoor sports. Far ahead of Select, Craft, Asics, Mizuno and many others, the brand is the number one handball equipment manufacturer in the world. Today, Sport is good offers you a wide selection of the best handball products from Hummel at attractive prices.

Top quality Hummel handball clothing at low prices

Whether it's hot, cool or cold, our online shop has the perfect clothing for all your sports. For summer activities, we recommend jerseys, tank tops, T-shirts, polo shirts and shorts made of technical materials, which guarantee optimal breathability for lasting comfort. They are also very light and flexible, allowing natural body movement for seamless mobility and perfectly timed shots/passes. For early morning or mid-season training, you can opt for fleece trousers and sweatshirts for maximum comfort. And finally, for all types of training during the winter, look for jackets, down jackets and trousers with excellent thermal insulation, good ventilation and great flexibility to keep you warm and dry throughout your activities. Close-fitting pieces are recommended for intensive efforts in order to have more mobility and breathability. Choose pieces with a windproof and waterproof finish to prevent bad weather.

A wide selection of socks is also available to keep your feet happy. Available in various colours and sizes, they are available in men's, women's and children's models.

Cheap Hummel handball shoes

To meet the demands of both amateur and professional handball players, we have selected a number of choice pairs, suitable for wingers, pivots, centre halves, backs and goalkeepers. Made from high quality materials, they feature uppers, usually in mesh for perfect air circulation and excellent support, combined with highly flexible and well-ventilated insoles to ensure optimum wearing comfort, even over long periods of time. They have non-marking soles with exceptional grip for maximum fluidity and reliability on indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you browse further, you can find shoes for all tastes, levels and budgets, with a choice of colours and sizes for men, women and children. We would like to draw your attention to the iconic Hummel Aero Engineered women's shoes, Hummel Aerocharge Fusion FTZ shoes and Hummel marathona suede shoes.

Accessories, balls and luggage at discounted prices

Several models of kneepads and elbow pads are available at discounted prices on our online shop to provide you with comfort, performance, but especially safety during all your activities.

You can also find the essentials of handball, namely balls, sold individually, in sets of 3, 5 and 10 at very attractive prices. They are available in junior and senior formats for the initiation and improvement of young and old.

And for the transport of your balls and other equipment, we offer you several dedicated bags and sports bags that are as spacious as they are robust.

High quality Hummel products

Although handball is mostly played indoors, it is a contact sport. Therefore, it is necessary to wear equipment of a certain quality during matches and training sessions. With this in mind, the specialists at Hummel use choice materials of exceptional robustness to guarantee excellent resistance and maximum durability. These attributes also make them very easy to care for. Shop them at low prices on Sport is Good and enjoy a fast processing and delivery service to get your order in the shortest possible time.