All our basketball textile items at low prices

The practice of basketball requires a suitable outfit to practice in the best conditions. Adidas, Puma, Spalding... the major brands offer enthusiasts their latest innovations in terms of outfits. Socks, Shorts, Trousers, Tracksuits, Jerseys, Baselayers, Sweatshirts, JacketsT-shirts and polo shirts... find a complete range for a comfortable practice !

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Ideal basketball outfits for all orange ball fans.

Whether you're a pro or an amateur, the outfits are designed to follow your movements naturally and without getting in the way. Not only do they make you feel comfortable, but they also allow you to play on the field in style and stand out from other players.

Which basketball outfits for the bottom?

Basketball socks for a more sporty style

It's decided ! You're going to start playing basketball very soon ! Can you already imagine putting on the shoes worn by stars like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant ? You're full of zeal and it's perfectly understandable, but beware; good shoes also require good socks.

So that your feet don't slip inside the shoe forcing you to make more effort, these socks are equipped with an anti-perspiration and anti-slip system. They keep your feet dry and protect you from blisters by wicking away perspiration. This allows you to exercise for a long time without any unpleasant surprises. The socks developed at Under Armour with its HeatGear® fabric should protect you from moisture while providing excellent cushioning. And all this at unbeatable prices !

Other models are also available to help you in your practice during or after the effort. The compression and recovery socks, for example, allow you to preserve the venous system, thus reducing vibrations and muscular pain. They are made from fibres that have a high moisture wicking capacity. In addition, you will benefit from effective recovery as they eliminate muscle waste and lactic acid.

Trousers and shorts for optimal mobility

Since you have to run and jump freely, trousers and shorts will be of great use to you. During your warm-up, trousers are de rigueur. At Adidas, these trousers have a brushed terry cloth fabric that ensures you get the best possible warmth. They are also made of a supple material, which gives you a lot of freedom of movement. Once you've warmed up, it's time to put on your shorts! As with trousers, they should allow you to move around freely and be as comfortable as possible. Incorporating Climalite technology, the shorts developed by Adidas allow you to stay dry even in full effort! For added comfort, a drawcord ensures a good fit.

Quality basketball outfits for the top

The essential jerseys

In order for you to truly look like an NBA basketball player, you need a jersey right away. Made of special materials such as polyester or mesh fabrics, these basketball suits should not only provide good ventilation, but also allow perspiration to escape quickly. Sleeveless jerseys are the logical choice for your favourite activity in hot weather. Apart from offering you the opportunity to wear legendary jerseys, such as Scottie Pippen's, the experts at Mitchell & Ness have designed jerseys that fit. Made of breathable material and equipped with side vents, these jerseys guarantee perfect ventilation.

When it's cooler, opt for long-sleeved jerseys. The MK-1 from Under Armour will have to do the trick. Very light, it provides strategic ventilation and great freedom of movement thanks to its stretch mesh panels and 4-way stretch fabric. However, if it's really cold, but you still want to play outdoors, then you'll definitely need a base layer. The base layer is made of a polypropylene fabric and is worn like a second skin. It's so light, you'll barely feel it ! When you wear it, you'll always be dry because the moisture is instantly wicked away. In short, it is designed to provide you with maximum comfort !

Clothing adapted to the vagaries of the weather

It is clear that the time factor largely determines the choice of outfits. We recommend many different types of outfits for all weather conditions. For days with wind and light showers, you can wear tracksuits. They will insulate you effectively from the cold by keeping your body warm at the right temperature at all times. But if the weather gets really bad and it starts to rain, you'll need extra protection. In that case, opt for jackets instead ! At Under Armour, they are equipped with the intelligent ColdGear® Reactor insulation for maximum versatility. Incorporating a unique quilted pattern, they ideally retain your body heat while allowing air to circulate. This way, you'll never feel too hot. What's more, thanks to the UA Storm technology, you won't be afraid of humidity, because water can't infiltrate it.

Finally, when the weather is milder, it is advisable to wear light clothing ! T-shirts and polo shirts are the best choice. Made from soft materials, these T-shirts all have one thing in common: allowing you to move around and move around as you please! As a bonus, they are breathable so you're always dry ! The long-sleeved FB HYPE T-shirts from Adidas are one example.