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Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan, NikePuma, Peak, Reebok... Find the biggest basketball brands and explore the latest innovations on Sportisgood to live your passion to the fullest. Complete collections are at your disposal to find the basketball shoes adapted to your level and your position.

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High quality basketball shoes to boost your performance

Occasional amateur or experienced athlete? Choosing high quality equipment will allow you to play basketball in comfort and in the best conditions. Discover our selection of shoes from renowned equipment manufacturers to find the ideal pair to be at the top of your performance.

Shoes with specific characteristics to meet the requirements of basketball players

Jumping, landing, acceleration... The legs and feet are the parts that are most used during your basketball practice. The choice of your shoes is very important to be able to move comfortably and safely on the court. If you are new to basketball, choose medium uppers that give you good freedom of movement. Low uppers are more suitable for regular players, as they allow for mobility and quick changes of direction. For more experienced players, high uppers provide solid support and optimal ankle support. A high-performance basketball shoe combines lightness, good cushioning, excellent support and optimal breathability.

Quality shoes adapted to your style of play

The way you play and your physical abilities are essential parameters to find the pair that suits you best.

For lively and technical players

If you are a player who prefers speed, it is best to opt for shoes that combine flexibility and lightness. A model with thin, breathable soles will give you a good feeling of comfort on the pitch. Your shoes should also offer optimal grip on the ground to prevent slipping when changing direction.

For more physical players

If you are one of the "tall" players, high-top trainers are a great option to enjoy maximum comfort. Favour tall models that have the advantage of offering excellent support and better stability. The soles must provide good cushioning to reduce the impact of shocks during your jumps.

Ideal basketball shoes for your position

The leader

As a playmaker, your choice should be light shoes that allow you to move around quickly. Models that meet the requirements for your position: great liveliness, freedom of movement.

The winger

He is without doubt the most versatile player on the field. If you're a winger, we recommend that you opt for mid-height shoes that respond well to your movements. To minimize the risk of injury, choose a model that offers good ankle support.

The pivot

Being a pivot means putting on trainers that offer optimum stability on the ground. Opt for shoes with soles that adhere well to the ground to provide solid support.

Appropriate footwear according to the surface of the ground

The type of court is a sometimes overlooked element when choosing basketball shoes. According to your needs, you will find on Sportisgood a wide choice of models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Do you play outdoors on concrete or asphalt courts? If so, you need solid shoes with stronger soles and an efficient ventilation system. Do you mainly practice your passion indoors? Then you need shoes that are comfortable, offer good grip and good cushioning.

Signature pairs to get into the skin of your idol

Notice to basketball and sneaker fans! Find here the most popular shoe models designed in the effigy of your favourite NBA star. TP9-2, Curry 3, CP3 X, Melo M13, Lebron 14, Kobe AD, KD 9, Kyrie3, D-Rose 7, D-Lillard 3, Harden Vol 1. So many essential references to practice your favourite sport like a real pro with pairs adapted to your requirements. Whether you want to improve your performance or acquire trendy trainers, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

A wide choice of models at low prices

Looking for basketball shoes with the best value for money for your training and/or matches? Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes... A wide range of high quality models at unbeatable prices is available on Sportisgood. Take advantage of our exclusive promotions to find the right deal: discounted trainers signed by the major brands.