All basketballs for fans and practitioners at reduced prices

Find here a wide range of basketballs in rubber, synthetic leather, real leather for all levels: from size 3 to size 7. On sportisgood, you will find the best brands of basketballs at the best price: Spalding, Molten, Wilson, Tremblay CT, Mikasa, Nike.

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A complete range of basketballs for training and competition

Like all other sports, playing basketball requires a quality ball, adapted to your playing field and your level: occasional player, confirmed basketball player, high level athlete. Whether you are a beginner, a recreational player with family or friends, an amateur, a trainer, or a competitive player, sportisgood has the right basketball for your needs: playground, streetball, 3x3, outdoor, indoor, or other. We offer a wide range of basketballs at the best prices from leading sports equipment manufacturers such as Spalding, Molten and Nike, so that you can play your favourite sport in the best possible conditions.

Quality basketballs for every level

Whether you want to learn the basics of basketball or improve your dribbling and shooting skills, you'll find the right basketballs to help you progress quickly in our online shop sportisgood.

If you are a beginner, choose a basketball that is easy to handle and has a good grip to ensure good ball control. Choose lightweight models with small grains for a non-aggressive feel. For more experienced players, choose a ball with a good grip and a coating that provides a better grip. And if you need to train on a regular basis, choose a ball made of a durable material such as synthetic leather.

For your competitive games, take advantage of the wide range of high-tech, FFBB or FIBA approved basketballs in our e-shop. You will find here reliable and high quality products developed by Spalding, partner of the Euroleague, or Molten, "official ball" of the French championships.

For mini sportsmen who wish to discover or begin learning basketball, we also have a wide range of children's basketballs from major brands at low prices. The youngest under 4 years old will be able to play with a foam ball that combines safety and a comfortable touch. For older children, we recommend a rubber ball that combines strength and rebound quality.

What size basketball should I choose ?

Size is an important criterion when choosing your basketball. Each model has a different diameter and weight depending on the player's category.

T3 basketball: With a circumference of 55 to 60 cm, the size 3 ball is the model for the baby basketball category. This type of basketball is recommended for children under the age of 7.

T5 basketball: With a diameter between 69 and 71 cm, the size 5 ball is dedicated to children from 7 to 12 years old. These youngsters play in the mini-basketball category which includes U9 and U11 players.

T6 basketball: Used by female basketball players over 14 years old, the size 6 ball measures between 72 and 74 cm and weighs between 530 and 550 g. This type of ball is designed for female players from junior to senior.

T7 basketball: The size 7 ball is exclusively for men's teams over 15 years of age. This model has a circumference of 75 to 78 cm and weighs between 560 and 650 g.

Which models for indoor and outdoor basketball ?

If you are looking for an outdoor basketball, the models suitable for outdoor use are made of durable materials such as reinforced rubber. As well as being long-lasting, they bounce well off the ground for excellent comfort when playing on tarmac or other surfaces. Need an indoor basketball? Balls made of leather are the most suitable for indoor basketball. Made of high quality materials, these branded basketballs offer the best compromise between touch, grip and bounce. As an alternative to the real leather basketball, you can opt for models made of composite leather: perfect for playing outside or for training in the gym.

Which brand of basketballs should I choose ?

Major players on the basketball market, all major brands such as Spalding, Molten, Wilson or Nike are represented on our online shop. The American manufacturer Spalding, partner of the NBA and WBNA championships, offers high quality models such as the Spalding TF500, Spalding TF 1000 Legacy or Spalding NBA Neverflat Outdoor: all available at the best price on Sportisgood.