All our basketball products at the best prices : shoes, jerseys and equipment

Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Under Armour, Peak, Adidas, Spalding, Molten... Equip yourself with the reference brands in the world of basketball to improve your playing performance. From balls to shoes and NBA fan products to lifestyle items, find the best basketball equipment here. You can also take advantage of textile products from your favourite brands.

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How to find top quality basketball equipment to raise your level?

It is always important to have modern and quality equipment when practising a contact and endurance sport such as basketball. Sportisgood offers to help you perform on the court by choosing the best products for you.

Basketball shoes adapted to your training and competitions.

Making the right choice of basketball shoes is essential to feel comfortable and perform well on the court. For your training sessions, you should choose shoes that are light, strong and resistant to wear and tear. Pairs with rubber soles are sturdy and ideal for training on asphalt courts. For competitions, always make sure you select models that are suitable for your position. A lightweight pair that offers great freedom of movement is perfect for the driving position. Models with better support and explosiveness are ideal for a winger. If you are a pivot player, shoes with good cushioning and excellent stability are recommended.

A very large number of textile products dedicated to basketball players.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced or an expert player, you will need an outfit adapted to basketball. For training, you can choose a light and airy training jersey and shorts made of a fabric that wicks away perspiration effectively. For training in cold weather, choose an outfit consisting of sweatpants, a hooded sweatshirt or a jacket. For your matches, opt for a jersey made with a technical fabric that wicks away perspiration. To stay comfortable on the pitch, opt for components that dry quickly. The textile products we offer you have been chosen to meet your sporting needs.

Quality accessories to complete your equipment.

Socks, chasuble, brassiere, headband, knee pads, knee pads... All the equipment you need to make up your basketball player's outfit is just a few clicks away. Our team has selected for you the best products from the most recognised brands in the world of basketball. To maximise your comfort, choose socks made from soft, resistant and breathable fabrics. We have a wide range of elbow pads designed with anti-perspiration materials to keep you dry during your efforts. Some models have reinforced elbow pads that offer reliable protection against impact and reduce the risk of injury. The pads are designed to provide even compression to limit muscle fatigue.

Materials and accessories to train you like a pro.

To be successful in your basketball practice, you need to keep in good shape and perfect your technique. The ball is one of the essential elements for both training and playing. At sportisgood, we offer you a wide range of basketballs developed by the most renowned brands in the field. Train with determination like an NBA star with Spalding or Molten balls. For your weight training sessions, we provide you with dumbbells and body pump discs. The adjustable tension shooting straps will allow you to work on your shots for greater precision and efficiency.

The best bags and luggage

To take your various equipment to the field, you will need a sports bag that is both practical and functional. The choice of your bag should be made according to the items you need to carry. For example, the ideal basketball bag is the one that offers the right volume and is made of resistant material. Additional storage space such as side pockets can be very useful. Also features such as shoulder padding are important for comfortable transport. Need a backpack, trolley bag or shoe bag? Our range of bags designed specifically for basketball at unbeatable prices will seduce you, as much by their practicality as their design.

Lifestyle products to assert your passion with pride

Unconditional fan of a famous player like Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, or maybe Lebron James? Want to proudly support your favourite basketball team? Whether you prefer the Chicago Bulls, the Golden States Warriors or the Los Angeles Lakers, a wide range of lifestyle products is available to demonstrate your passion. Collector's jerseys, T-shirts, shorts, shoes, caps... Choose items in the colours of your favourite team to show your support.