All our badminton equipments at the best prices : rackets, shoes, clothing and other accessories

Choose your badminton material and equipment from high quality products carefully selected on sportisgood: rackets, shoes, shuttlecocks, nets, posts. Find all the major brands such as: Asics, adidas, Yonex, Babolat, Dunlop, Lynx Sport, Tremblay...

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The best in badminton equipment and material

Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports for both leisure and competition. Both physical and mental, this sport requires reflex, speed and dexterity to excel on the court. Equipment also plays an important role in allowing players of all levels to gain comfort and maximise their efficiency.
Beginner, advanced or experienced badist? Sportisgood offers you badminton equipment and materials to suit every level of play. Our team has taken care to select for you the best products dedicated to the world of badminton from recognised equipment manufacturers: rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, nets, posts, water bottle, reel, grip, padding, protection kit, referee's chairs... You will find a wide choice of accessories designed by the major sports brands and those specialised in the racket disciplines: Yonex, Babolat, Dunlop, Asics, adidas... Also discover our promotions and special offers in badminton equipment to find various articles at the best price.

Little reminder of the basic rules of badminton

Badminton matches are played in singles or teams of two. To score a point, your goal is to get the shuttlecock behind the net in the opposing camp. A set is won by the first player to score 21 points. In case of a 20 - 20 tie, the game continues: you must lead by two points to win the set. If the score is 29 - 29, the player who scores the 30th point wins the set. The player who has won 2 sets is declared the winner of the match. In badminton, the serve must be done "with a spoon": racket tilted downwards and positioned below the waist when the shuttlecock is struck.

Badminton rackets for all levels of players

To play in the best conditions, you will need to find a badminton racket adapted to your level of practice. The material of the shaft is an important criterion to take into account when making the right choice. If you are a beginner, you can choose a racket with a steel shaft which has the advantage of being resistant. For more advanced players, models made of aluminium are lighter and easier to handle. And for competitive matches, prefer carbon fibre graphite rackets for their light weight and exceptional power. Choose from a wide range of quality rackets from Yonex, Dunlop and Tremblay.

Badminton shoes designed by leading brands

Whether you are an amateur or advanced player, choosing the right badminton shoes will ensure optimal comfort on the court and allow you to play with even more pleasure. In order to be perfectly stable, your shoes must offer good cushioning, excellent support and optimal grip. Incorporating these characteristics, the pairs designed by Yonex are references for their quality composition as well as their new generation technologies such as Hexagrip and Ergoshape. To meet your performance needs, also find in our selection other flagship models such as the Asics Upcourt, the Dunlop tfw, or the adidas Adizero Fascourt.

Feather and plastic shuttlecocks for all needs

Badminton is now considered to be the fastest sport in the world. Top players manage to hit the shuttlecock by reaching a speed of over 400km/hour. To improve your strokes and increase your playing skills, we offer you a wide choice of shuttlecocks suitable for leisure activities, training sessions, but also for matches. Stronger and cheaper, the plastic flywheel with cork or nylon cap is suitable for amateurs. Designed for a more precise trajectory, the feather steering wheel is ideal for the most demanding club players.

A wide choice of nets and posts

To equip the playing field, we provide badminton posts for professionals and models dedicated to school use. Selected for their reliability, our range includes posts to be sealed, transportable versions with counterweights, and models with double hanging height to meet all needs. To complete your badminton equipment, Sportisgood also offers a wide choice of top quality nets: polyethylene braid, PVC top band, anti-UV, transportable... Made of resistant materials, all our badminton nets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.