Find the most beautiful handball jerseys, shorts and Clothing at unbeatable prices

Adidas, Erima, Hummel, Jako, Kempa, Macron, Under Armour... Equip yourself with the major handball brands to practice your passion efficiently and comfortably. Take advantage of a very wide choice of high quality textiles to optimise your performance: jerseys, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, socks, jackets and tracksuits.

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A selection of handball textiles designed for comfort and performance.

Amateur handball player or experienced player? Take advantage of a wide selection of high-quality handball textiles adapted to your level of play in our online shop. To improve your training and competition efficiency, we offer you a wide range of clothing designed with top-of-the-range materials and incorporating the most advanced technologies. From jerseys to tracksuits and baselayers, our catalogue is made up of articles from major brands for sportsmen and women in search of performance. Do you want to complete your equipment at the best value for money? Take advantage of our sales and special offers to fill up your tank on a budget.

How to choose your handball outfit?

The material

To enjoy maximum comfort during your matches or training sessions, choose breathable clothing made from technical materials. Jerseys, shorts, or even sets made ofsynthetic material such as polyester will keep you dry during your intense efforts. Thanks to its ability to quickly wick away perspiration, you can concentrate fully on your game and stay focused on winning.

The cut

To be comfortable and maximise your efficiency on the court, choose a handball outfit that allows you to move freely. Clothing with a close-fitting cut without being too tight, like Under Armour jerseys, ensures a perfect fit for fluid movement. Opting for a tight fit will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable so that you can enjoy optimal comfort.

For training

The choice of a loose fitting sports outfit is recommended to practise your exercises without hindrance during your training sessions. To improve your comfort, avoid clothes made of cotton, which have the disadvantage of retaining perspiration. Instead, opt for lightweight fabrics with technology such as the BEECOOL of Hummel jerseys, which ensures optimal moisture management.

For the competition

Lightness and comfort will be the essential criteria to prioritise when choosing your handball outfit for competition. Whether for shorts or jerseys, your clothing must provide great freedom of movement thanks to stretchy materials using elastane. To improve your performance, opt for an outfit designed with a fabric that provides effective breathability, absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Handball clothing for training in cold weather

A wide range of handball equipment that combines wearing comfort and weather protection are offered to you at the best price on sportisgood. Under Armour, Erima, Hummel, Jako, Kempa, Macron... Choose top quality models from your favourite brands.

Long sleeve jerseys

Improve your level and perfect your technique whatever the weather with our range of long-sleeved jerseys that combine protection and comfort. Choose the model that best suits your needs through famous brands such as Erima, Reebok, Adidas.

Trousers and tracksuits

To practice your workouts on cooler days, opt for trousers or tracksuit sets that will keep you warm, while keeping your body dry. Erima's raglan sleeves and stretch yoke designs will ensure you'll move with ease.

Jackets and sweatshirts

Our range of jackets and sweatshirts has been specially selected to suit both your different physical activities and your passion for handball. You will find functional and comfortable jackets like the Kempa Core as well as models with a versatile design such as the Adidas Crewneck sweatshirts.

Light and breathable handball clothing

T-shirts and polo shirts

Designed in soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics, our handball t-shirts and polo shirts are the perfect answer to your need for comfort both during training and off the field. Some models, such as the Erima t-shirts, are made of lightweight stretch to promote freedom of movement.


Made from breathable materials, our range of handball shorts has been specially selected to ensure you comfort in any match, training or leisure activity. Complete your outfit with brand name shorts designed for efficiency and mobility.

High-performance baselayers to boost your efficiency

Benefit from a gain in efficiency during your handball matches and enjoy the comfort and support you need thanks to our selection of baselayers: shorts, brassiere, technical undershirt, compression shirt, compression tights, compression shorts.