Find the most beautiful handball shoes at unbeatable prices

Handball sports shoes are quite special. Before buying, you should focus on your player profile. Here are the pairs you need to give the best of yourself. Shoes are essential accessories for any sportsman. In handball, the purchase of a pair requires special attention. Brands such as Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, Nike, Hummel, Kempa and Salming remain the references for these types of sports pairs. That said, some of the manufacturers in this top 6 stand out from the crowd by the properties they offer if you are looking for shoes adapted to your handball profile. Knowing how to choose is essential to optimise your performance during training and competition. You will find the essentials for your shoes before you go out on the field in this gallery of the shop.

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Models according to the level of the handball player

There are several types of handball shoes. Depending on the level of the recipient, you will be able to favour some elements as opposed to others. For example, a beginner handball player will have specific needs but less important than those of an expert for example.

Beginner level

A beginner level handball player will opt for rather simplistic models. Resistance will not be a problem since the required training rhythm is weekly. Flexible and light shoes will allow you to learn the basic movements of handball in complete serenity. A thin textile is particularly recommended for movements that are completely relaxed.

Confirmed player

If you are a confirmed player, the shoe requirements will be increased. The model to be chosen will have to respond to a more sustained training rhythm (2-3 training sessions per week). For this reason, versatility must be one of the most important criteria. Handball shoes must combine lightness with resistance and durability. This is to respond to the new demands of the athlete's movements. In order to compensate for the constraints of jumps, the quality of the cushioning will be sought after from now on. The model to be chosen must therefore be able to withstand the shock absorbers well while offering comfort to the athlete. Expert Athlete Experts arethe ultimate level in handball. Therefore, the shoes adapted to these players must have high specificities. You have to look for the technology that best optimises performance for each player. In addition, the comfort of the athlete using these models is systematically sought after. And for good reason, the minimum training rhythm has been increased to three times a week. In other words, these shoes offer a level of resistance. Finally, for the expert level, the choice of the adapted model will also depend on the position of the player.

Choosing your handball shoes according to the position

The need for handball shoes will be different depending on the position of the player on the court.

The rear seat

For a backside, certain elements will be systematically searched for. Adhesion is an important element in the management of changes of direction. It is the ability of the shoe to ensure excellent contact with the ground. Another criterion to be taken into account here is grip. This provides the player at the back with a certain amount of security during the action. The support isdesigned to protect the foot joints while providing acceptable comfort. One of the most popular models for rear handball players is the Kempa Attack Three Contender shoes. They offer optimal grip similar to that of Michelin brand tyres. The Eerochage HB200 from Hummel and Wave Phantom from Mizuno are also suitable if that's the position you occupy.

The winger's job

For a winger's position, an aerial solicitation is frequent. You should therefore opt for shoes with excellent cushioning. They must be light in order to ensure a perfect return to the ground. The finesse and lightness of the winger's shoe is also a much sought-after asset on sports handball pairs. As far as speed is concerned, the Kempa Wing model is designed to optimise your performance. Flexibility and Speed are the main characteristics of this series of the brand. The Hummel Supreme Knit will offer you a significant flexibility and better breathability. If you can't find these two references, you can finally opt for the Thunder Blade from Mizuno.

The half-centre post

The half-centre will have the keys to the animation of its team. For this, shoes offering flexibility thatallow him to project himself will be preferred. Lightness and stability are also criteria to be taken into account for this class of player. The Aerospeed model from Hummel meets these requirements perfectly. It is lightweight and breathable at all times. For more comfort and mobility, you should be satisfied with the Lightning Z from Mizuno.

The pivot position

The pivotal role in handball is a major position to achieve results. It is the offensive player incharge of breaking down opposing defences. To do this, suitable footwear must meet certain criteria. They generally combine support, flexibility but also maintenance. This is to better protect you from contact with defenders. Salming's Viper model is structurally sound and will meet your expectations on the pitch. It offers a stability that you will probably appreciate by moving during pivots. The Aerocharge by Hummel and Attack Three Contender by Kempa are also suitable for this type of player.

The position of goalkeeper

Finally, goalkeepers are the last experts on a handball court. They are in charge of defending the goals and must be able to do so with agility. Suitable footwear must provide stability to facilitate the various parries. The goalkeeper must also have good grip in order to move around on the field. These are the properties that you will find with the Hummel Liga GK shoe, which allows the goalkeeper to enjoy comfort and balance when moving around. For more reaction speed, Goalie shoes from Salming offer speed and better grip. Finding the right handball shoes at the right price Depending on the characteristics of each manufacturer and your handballprofile, the price of the shoes will vary. On this page of the shop, you will find the models that are tailor-made for your use in training and championships. The reference manufacturers for pairs of handball athletic shoes arewell represented and accessible for your budget and especially thanks to the articles in promotion. The shoes mentioned according to the position you are planning or already occupy are also available in this gallery. So don't hesitate to make your choices now in order to better equip yourself.