Find the best Handball Equipment at unbeatable prices

Playing handball would be difficult without having equipment that is suitable for the sport. Accessories, training equipment, protection, luggage, nutrition, care, club area... find quality items to help you become a real handball champion !

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Complete handball equipment for rapid progress

No matter what your level, if you want to perform in the world of handball in the short and long term, the right equipment is more than necessary. By visiting our website, you can discover equipment worthy of professional players! Take advantage of our low-cost products and benefit from the latest innovations developed by world-renowned brands.

Materials available to handball practitioners

Which accessories to play handball?

Because this sport forces you to perform various movements such as running, jumping, dribbling..., sweating is inevitable. It can quickly become annoying and disturb your concentration! You need headbands toovercome this problem! Usually made of terry cloth, they absorb moisture while keeping the hair in place. You can choose from several models with special offers: the adidas Primeblue Trail or the Nike swoosh are just afew examples!

And since in handball it is sometimes difficult to have an effective grip, you need resins to better master it. The set of 10 pots of Kempa should do the trick!

How to protect yourself?

As shocks and slips are frequent in handball, it is recommended to wear protective gear. It is even essential if you have contracted an injury earlier! In order to protect the knee joint against impacts, use knee pads! These are equipped with technology that evacuates moisture while giving you the possibility to stabilise your kneecap and secure your support! To help you, choose one of the following models: the Performance (x2) from Asics, the Black Streak from Nike or the Kguard Protector from Kempa.

And since the joints in the arms are also under great strain, it is advisable to put on elbow pads. Equipped with protective pads, these cushion the shocks you might suffer during a meeting! Thanks to these protections, you can ensure support and stability foryour elbows. To inspire you, here are some models offered at the best price: the Long Sleeve by Hummel, the pro graphic elite by Nike or the H500 by Atorka!

What equipment for training?

Because training is essential to improve your performance, you will need training equipment that matches your talent! Starting with quality chasubles! These items are very practical for distinguishing teams in training! Made of stretchy polyester, they give you freedom of movement! You can choose between trainingfrom Puma, practice+ training from Macron or the Reversible Training Bib from Kempa.

As training sessions are an opportunity to fine-tune certain techniques, it is sometimes useful to delimit an area. For this purpose, use the training cones! These are available in different colours and sizes and above all at low prices! Tremblay's flexible 46 cm models will have to do the trick!

What materials for clubs?

Do you belong to a club? On our website you will find everything you need to enable your team to train optimally! Via the club area, find the equipment your club needs! Since a handball match cannot be played without balls, it is important to choose them carefully! Our models incorporate a soft foam lamination to give you a comfortable feeling in your hand. The latex bladder and textile lamination gives you exceptional rebound and air retention! Are you hesitating in your choices? Choose the Leo from Kempa or the Pure Grip N° 3 from Erima.

How to take good care of yourself?

Small sores are commonplace in handball. You have to expect impacts! In case of violent shocks, you need appropriate care! To help you relieve the pain and reduce inflammation, choose the cold spray! This instantly lowers the temperature by spraying for an immediate effect! And in case you've had a small scratch, remember to clean the wound and protect it with bandages.

What to eat to keep the peach?

Because handball makes you spend a lot of energy, don't underestimate the nutritional aspect! In order to recover calories quickly, but without excess sugar, it is recommended to take protein bars! To quench your thirst, opt for energy drinks! The -3 h blood orange from EA Fit will boost you up very quickly!

What luggage to carry this equipment?

In order to comfortably bring your equipment to training, you need a suitable sports bag! Designed to give you maximum storage space and increased durability, our models will be a great help! The Essentials Foldaway from Asics and the K-Line 40L from Kempa might just inspire you!