Find the best handball balls at unbeatable prices

Like football, basketball or volleyball, handball would be impossible without the presence of an indispensable element: the ball ! Select, Kempa, Hummel, Erima, Molten, Tremblay, Adidas, Atorka, ... For your satisfaction, find the biggest brands of handball for competition, training, beach handball, replica, leisure, packs and accessories to enjoy your passion !

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How to choose your handball?

Are you a beginner, advanced or expert? Whatever your level, you need a ball to complete your handball equipment properly. Discover a wide choice from our selection of the most prestigious brands of high quality handballs. You will benefit from the latest technological innovations to help you progress! And all this at low prices of course!

Balls adapted to each level

Which ball for beginners?

Are you playing handball for the first time? Then you are a beginner! As they say, there's a beginning to everything! In order to get used to the different movements such as catching, shooting and passing, you need a light ball. For this, choose a model made of foam! That way you can avoid making wrong moves and at the same time avoid hurting yourself, for example by receiving the ball on your head! This is perfectly possible at this stage. You're bound to miss a few passes too, but think of it as something normal! Find a good ball to start off with in the best conditions at unbeatable prices. On our site, favour world-famous brands such as Kempa or Select.

Balls for experienced players

That's it, by dint of regular training you now master the basic hand gestures! Your passes are more assured and your shots are more and more powerful? There's no doubt that you've become an experienced player and you need a more appropriate ball. So choose a model that will give you an excellent grip. You must also include two criteria when choosing a ball: grip and resistance. For these reasons, it is advisable to choose a hybrid ball! In addition to providing you with an improved ball feel, it has a great shock absorption capacity. Find models from renowned brands such as Atorka, Hummel or Erima at an unbeatable price!

Which ball for the handball experts?

Do you train more than 3 times a week and play one match a week? That would only mean one thing: you have reached the expert level. Just like the professional players like Nikola Karabatic or Mikkel Hansen, you know all about calling the ball and attacking! Like these 2 stars who play in the French Championship, your game mixes intensity and power. In these conditions, choose a ball which offers optimal resistance while maintaining a good level of pressure. Get a top quality model at a reduced price! Adidas, Tremblay, Molten... only great brands at your disposal!

The choice of materials and size for your handball

The components of a handball

In order to make the right choice, you first need to know the elements that go into the composition of a hand ball. It consists of 3 parts: the panels, the lamination layers and the bladder. As far as the panels are concerned, you should opt for those that are hand-sewn with a leather cover and a non-slip outer material. As for the lamination layers, choose those made from polyester with a rubber coating. These materials have the advantage of being more resistant. Finally, as far as the bladder is concerned, it should be made of synthetic material in order to avoid frequent deflation.

How to choose the right size?

Did you know that the dimensions of a hand ball change according to the age of the players? The IHF (The International Handball Federation) has fixed 4 different sizes! If you are under 8 years old, then size 00 is the one for you! If you are a girl under 14 or a boy under 12 then a size 01 ball is the most appropriate. This has the following characteristics: it should be between 50 and 52 cm in circumference and weigh between 290 and 330 g. Size 02 is suitable for women's teams aged 14 and over and for men's teams aged 12 to 16. Here, the ball is 54 to 56 cm in circumference and weighs between 325 and 375 g. Finally, size 03 is dedicated to adult players. This ball has a circumference of 58 to 60 cm and weighs between 425 and 475 g.