All handball products at the best prices : shoes, jerseys and equipment

Just like other ball sports, handball cannot be played in good conditions without using the right equipment ! Shoes, textiles, lifestyle, balls, supporters, equipment, brands... handball fans have everything they need to celebrate their passion in the right way !

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High quality handball products

Whether you are a handball player, a fan, or a person who loves the sportstyle look, discover various and complete products dedicated to this sport. These products come from prestigious brands such as Hummel, Errea, Select, Kempa or Macron ! By visiting our site, you will have access to reliable and quality products at promotional prices ! Men, women, children, everyone benefits !

Complete articles signed by the big handball brands

Which shoes to play handball ?

Are you a beginner ? The pairs dedicated to your level are designed to adapt to your needs! At this stage, you focus on basic movements such as passing, catching, shooting, jumping, etc. Lightweight handball shoes with good support are recommended. Are you an advanced player ? You need versatile shoes as your position is not yet fixed ! They should be durable, light and have excellent cushioning! For experts, there are two types of shoes: those designed for power positions such as backs, pivots and centre halves and those reserved for positions requiring vivacity, speed and jumps such as wingers. To help you choose, choose one of the following models: the Wave Momentum 2 by Mizuno, the Aero 180 by Hummel or the Wing lite 2.0 by Kempa. Treat yourself to these pairs at a discounted price ! But don't forget to get the right socks first !

What outfits should you wear to be a good handball player ?

Do you love stars like Nikola Karabatic, Luc Abalo, Estelle Nze Minko or Allison Pineau ? Like them, you want to wear the right clothes to play handball ? You need textiles for the bottom as well as for the top ! For the bottom, choose either trousers or shorts depending on the weather! If the temperature drops, you can for example choose the adidas French Team Training Pants ! If it's hot, choose the Action shorts from Hummel ! For the top, you have the option of putting on jerseys ! Made from breathable and lightweight fabric, they give you comfort and freedom of movement. The 100% polyester UA Tech Twist 1/2 Zip from Under Armour should do the trick !

How to choose your handballs ?

As a ball sport, the ball is an essential part of the game and without it, you can't do much on the court. Made of a leather or synthetic cover, it must maintain its weight, shape and rebound capacity during use. Short on ideas ? Choose the Scorpio from Select or the Dune Beachball T1 from Kempa.

What products are there for hanball fans ?

Are you a fan of PSG Handball, FC Barcelona Handball, HBC Nantes or Montpellier Handball (MHB) ? In order to stand out from the crowd and support your favourite club, adopt the same outfits as your favourite players ! For example, you can opt for the shirts! If you support PSG, choose the PSG Handball 2020/21 dedicated to home games ! Do you like MHB ? The Montpellier Handball 2020/21 jersey is the right product for you !

What equipment should a handball player choose ?

Since shocks are sometimes unavoidable, especially during the attack or defence phases, you will need adequate protection ! For goalkeepers protecting the goal, the knees are among the most vulnerable areas. It is therefore recommended to wear knee pads ! Not sure ? Here are a few models to inspire you: the Team (x2) from Mizuno or the Kguard Protector from Kempa ! On our website you can also find high quality ankle and elbow pads !

Top brands for handball players

Since performance is only achieved when the player has the best equipment available, leading brands are working hard to design products of impeccable quality ! Socks, shoes, shorts, trousers, t-shirts, jerseys, balls, protective gear, equipment, etc.... Everything a handball player or enthusiast needs ! Discover state-of-the-art items developed by leading brands such as Hummel, Select, Errea, Erima, adidas, Kempa, Macron, Mizuno or Under Armour.

What clothes to wear to look good ?

Today, sportswear is worn more for style than for practice ! You just need to find the right combination and that's it ! For example, you can combine sweatshirts and sweatpants for a lifestyle look ! To inspire you, here is a possible combination of the hmlSAM HOODIE sweatshirt from Hummel with the Mizuno sweatpants.