All our Golf products at the best prices : shoes, textile, gloves and other equipments

Puma, Clicgear, Under Armor ... all these renowned brands in the world of golf help to make you happy by providing you with shoes, textile products such as polo shirts, pants, shorts and sweatshirts, bags and trolleys or even various accessories intended for professional golfers, amateurs and beginners, seniors or juniors.

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Golf equipment worthy of great professionals

In all sports disciplines, in this case golf, the quality of the equipment has an influence on the quality of the game. It is in this sense that we have established this selection of equipment for adults and children, in order to meet all the requirements. requirements of professional, amateur or beginner golfers.

Comfortable and very stable golf shoes

To excel in a discipline such as golf, you must first put on comfortable pairs. Regardless of the course (9 or 18 holes), you will have to do kilometers throughout the game. So you need shoes that can make you feel comfortable for a long time and a distance of up to 10 kilometers. Made of flexible and breathable materials, they keep your feet cool and dry throughout your efforts. Their fit provides both good support and excellent energy transfer for better performance. Second, they must provide maximum stability since the power and precision of any strikes you make reside in your feet.

Whether for women or for men, you are spoiled for choice between several Puma and Under Armor models. With discreet or imposing crampons, they guarantee a perfect grip on the ground for energetic and completely controlled swings. They also reduce the risk of falls.

The quality of the materials with which these shoes are made ensures wear resistance, maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

Casual outfits offering class and performance

Unlike other disciplines, golf does not require highly technical clothing. However, it does require clothing made of flexible fabric, allowing natural movement for flawless mobility.

Short or long-sleeved polo shirts in cooler weather or sweatshirts in winter will do the trick. These flexible textile tops allow the arms to move through all possible movements for powerful and controlled strikes. Made from a blend of nylon and elastane, polyester or cotton, they feature a high performance moisture wicking and ventilation system to provide a great feel no matter the conditions. conditions. Enjoy a huge selection of quality men's and women's outfits, designed by Puma, Under Armor and Greg Norman.

You can match them with pants of your choice. You can opt for the new tapered cuts or the looser oldscool style cuts. While they are very different in shape, they provide the same benefits, that is to say: comfort and mobility. This is due to the fact that they are made with flexible and light fabric.
For more lightness, freshness and traction, you can choose to treat yourself to one of our shorts, made with a flexible and highly functional fabric blend.

Golfer clothing for children

We also offer a selection dedicated to the youngest, girls or boys, polo shirts, pants, shorts and sweatshirts, comfortable, flexible and functional. Enough to guarantee easy and fast learning.

Bags and luggage of all kinds for golfing

To transport all kinds of equipment, we offer you our different models of trolleys and luggage.
Solid and resistant, these carts are equipped with wheels allowing them to be easily moved on the lawn or other types of soil. Their ergonomic handle ensures easy handling and optimal control over the steering.
To fit all kinds of accessories (club, shoes, balls, etc.), you have several templates for bags and saddlebags at your disposal. Made with quality material, they benefit from excellent abrasion resistance and maximum durability.

Various accessories for training and meetings

What would a golfer be without a beret? An integral part of a golfer's look, he's not just there to look good or look like Tiger Woods. Indeed, it provides great protection against the sun's rays, which can harm the skin and visibility. It can be replaced by a cap or a beanie during the cooler seasons.
We also have an armada of accessories to help you refine your game, if only the:

  • Carpet measuring 400x66 cm : intended for learning and improvement. They can be installed at home.
  • Trolley wedge : to adapt bags to all clicgear ranges.
  • Mini-putters : to introduce the little ones to putting.
  • Tripods : to keep your gear bag in a unique position.
  • Grips : improve the grip on a golf club.
  • Training Plates : Increase the power and precision of your shots.