Our Lifestyle football collection at unbelievable prices : adidas Originals

Are you looking for the perfect outfits for daily outings and other extra-sport activities ? Today is your lucky day. Sportigood has dedicated several pages of its website to introduce you to one of the world's finest streetwear and lifestyle collections, the adidas Originals.

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From sportswear to fashion : Adidas Originals

Founded in 1949 by Adolph Dassier following a dispute between him and his former colleague and brother Rudolf Dassier (founder of Puma), adidas soon found itself at the forefront of the sports world. More focused on clothing for athletes, it diversified over the years to give birth to adidas Originals in 1993, which became Sport Heritage in 2002. Revisiting vintage concepts, this new division will aim to produce and market streetwear and lifestyle products for life off the field. This is due to the popularisation of sports, in this case football, which has helped to create a similar fashion trend adopted by many fans and professional athletes.

adidas Originals, symbol of the versatility of the brand with three stripes

When the name adidas is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is sportswear. However, when the adidas Originals division was founded, it promised products that were purely for everyday use. They have, however, remained true to the designs of sportswear. The beauty of this concept lies in its finesse, as adidas Originals clothing can be worn both on and off the field, although it stands out for its clean aesthetics and punchy pattern. There is also a difference in the materials used in the design. With a greater emphasis on aesthetics and comfort, the products in the adidas Originals collection are made from extremely soft and breathable fabric for easy wear in all conditions. This doesn't take away from the fact that they have the attributes that sportswear has, including breathability, lightness and flexibility. As you can see, adidas Originals clothing is perfect for everyday outings as well as for moderate to rigorous exercise. Proof that the brand with three stripes is at the top of its game.

However, adidas was not always successful. In 1990, it was sold to Frenchman Bernard Tapie due to economic difficulties. In the years that followed, Tapie carried out a complete overhaul, starting with the logo, relocating part of the production to Asia and revamping the collections. In 1993, adidas was sold to Robert Louis-Dreyfus and in the same year the adidas Originals division was created.

The best adidas Originals products are on sportisgood

Cotton T-shirts

Proudly bearing the shamrock logo, these cotton T-shirts come in casual, vintage or contemporary designs. The soft, lightweight fabric feels great against the skin and is highly breathable to keep you comfortable and cool during all your sporting and leisure activities. Here are a few retro and modern designs that will appeal to many: adidas Originals Badge junior t-shirt, adidas Trefoil clover, adidas Originals Trefoil kid, adidas Originals Trefoil junior and adidas Originals Camo Tongue.

Fleece shorts

Inspired by sports models, these 100% cotton shorts are perfect for relaxing off the field and for all kinds of daily activities in the warmer seasons. They are soft on the inside, flexible and breathable, and guarantee excellent ventilation for maximum comfort at all times. They are held in place with an elasticated waistband and have side pockets to keep accessories and electronic devices close at hand. Available at promotional prices, they are available in adult and child sizes.

Fleece trousers

Suitable for both cool and warm seasons, fleece trousers are one of those outfits that never go out of fashion. Pairing perfectly with a jacket, sweatshirt or tee of the same quality, they give you a streetwear and lifestyle look. They are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation in cold weather and ventilation on sunny days. The cotton blend design makes these trousers comfortable to wear all day long. Find the adidas Originals Junior 3-Stripes Black, adidas Trefoil Adicolor, adidas Originals Women's Primeblue Relaxed Boyfriend, adidas Originals Junior 3-Stripes and adidas Originals Women's Primeblue SST Track in our online shop, all at great prices.


With a classic or minimalist cut, these sweatshirts for men, women and children feature a similar design to the rest of the collection. With a perfect blend of style and comfort, they are perfect for wearing on the street, at home or on the field.


Distinguished from the other garments in the collection by their more technical design, these high-quality jackets have features such as windproof and waterproof finishes to protect against the elements. True to the sporty design and made of technical materials, they are ideal for winter exercise. We particularly recommend the adidas Originals Adicolor Primebliue SST, adidas terrex Primeknit Rain, adidas women's Terrex Primeknit Rain and adidas Rise Up N Run.