Gourd Elite Fly 750 ml [Size 750 ml]

Gourd Elite Fly 750 ml [Size 750 ml]
Stay hydrated on your bike with the Elite Fly 750 ml water bottle, lightweight, durable and elegantly designed.
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Gourd Elite Fly 750 ml

The Elite Fly 750 ml water bottle is the ideal companion for cyclists looking for a practical, lightweight solution for hydrating during their rides. Manufactured by Elite, the leading brand in cycling accessories, this water bottle is carefully designed for optimum performance. With a 750 ml capacity, this water bottle will keep you efficiently hydrated throughout your ride. It's made from high-quality plastic that's not only lightweight, but also durable, ensuring a long product life. What's more, the Elite Fly water bottle is also easy to clean, enabling you to maintain impeccable hygiene. The Elite Fly water bottle is also distinguished by its elegant, modern design. With its primary black color, it adapts to all styles and blends perfectly with your bike. Its sleek, minimalist look makes it a fashionable and functional accessory. Thanks to its practical screw cap, you can easily access your favorite drink while riding. Its closing mechanism guarantees a perfect seal, preventing any risk of leakage or spillage. Whether you're a professional cyclist or simply a passionate amateur, the Elite Fly 750 ml water bottle is a wise choice for staying hydrated during your cycling adventures. So don't wait any longer, adopt this top-quality water bottle and get ready for more enjoyable and comfortable rides.

Additional Information

Brand Elite
Manufacturer SKU EL01607202
Color black grey logo
Color Black
Size 750 ml - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult