Bearing CeramicSpeed 61702 6702 coated 15x21x4mm

Bearing CeramicSpeed 61702 6702 coated 15x21x4mm
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Bearing CeramicSpeed 61702 6702 coated 15x21x4mm

Bearing 61702 (6702) coated - inner diameter 15mm/outer diameter 21mm/thickness 4mm The components of the bearings are made of materials that provide an ultra-smooth, frictionless design. The balls are placed in a polyamide cage. Each ball is optimized with Ceramic Speed Low Viscosity grease to minimize friction and extend life. Dust caps are also placed to keep dust out. These bearings can be used in any discipline: road, time trial, triathlon, track, cyclo-cross and mountain bike. The benefits are reduced friction, improved power transfer and increased longevity. Ceramic Speed balls glide 400% better and are 58% lighter than standard bearings in the cycling industry. Each bearing is hand checked 4 times to ensure perfect positioning. Designed and assembled by hand in Denmark.

Additional Information

Brand CeramicSpeed
Manufacturer SKU CS101214
Color grey
Color Grey
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Characteristic Rolling