Bottom bracket Rotor ubb4630 386 bb steel [Size 30 mm]

Bottom bracket Rotor ubb4630 386 bb steel [Size 30 mm]
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Bottom bracket Rotor ubb4630 386 bb steel

High quality bottom bracket with bearings specially designed for 46mm BB386Evo asymmetrical frames and 30mm crankset.


  • Bearing type: Steel
  • 46 mm outer dimension
  • 30 mm internal dimension
  • Allows for mounting a 3D+ crankset
  • Frame width 86mm.
  • Compatible with BB386Evo

How to identify my bottom bracket?

Your bike creaks when you press hard on the pedals, the movement of the crankset has lost its fluidity or has become loose? The symptoms are clear: it's time to change your bottom bracket. Like all the parts that make up your bike, the bottom bracket and especially its bearings are subject to wear.

Its replacement is a simple operation if it is well prepared, indeed the multiplication of the standards of bearings, bottom bracket and frame will discourage some. We will try to guide you through this jungle of standards. The bottom bracket is the interface between your bottom bracket and your frame, so the first thing to do is to identify which bottom bracket you want to fit in which frame ?

Bottom bracket internal diameter*Bottom bracket width*MountingStandardRecommended bottom bracket axle**34.8 mm68 mmScrew onBSA / BSC24 mm / GXP / Dub 29 mm36 mm70 mmScrew onItalian24 mm37 mm90.5 mmPress onBB 90 (Trek)24 mm / GXP / Dub 29 mm41 mm86.5 mmPress onPF 86 (Shimano)24 mm / GXP / Dub 29 mm41 mm89,5 mmÀ PresserPF 90 (Shimano)24 mm / GXP / Dub 29 mm42 mm68 mmÀ PresserBB 3030mm / Dub 29 mm42 mm79 mmÀ PresserBB Right30mm / Dub 29 mm46 mm61 mmÀ PresserSpecialized30mm / Dub 29 mm46 mm68 mmÀ PresserPF 3030mm / Dub 29 mm46 mm79 mmÀ PresserBB Right PF 36030mm / Dub 29 mm46 mm86,5 mmÀ Presser386 EVO30mm / Dub 29 mm

We advise you to disassemble your original box to measure precisely the dimensions of the bottom bracket of your frame.** This compatibility is given as an indication, there are also boxes "adapters" which allow to mix the standards.


  • Casing width 86
  • Case standard 386 Evo
  • Internal case diameter 46
  • Bearing quality Steel
  • Bottom bracket axle 30 mm
  • Crankset standard Rotor UBB30 (BB30 long axle)

Additional Information

Brand Rotor
Manufacturer SKU C04-029-01010-0
Color black
Color Black
Size 30 mm
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Characteristic Steel
Assortment UBB