Women's padel racket Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 24

Women's padel racket Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 24

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Women's padel racket Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 24

The Vertex 04W is a lightweight diamond-shaped racket with maximum power, high performance without loss of control and a rough surface Topspin for greater grip and ball spin. Designed for professional and advanced players. It incorporates two new concepts in the frame, the CURVAKTIV system: its curved structure offers extra resistance to torsion. Thanks to the rotation of its faces, it allows us to insert a variable section on the side of the racket. We've managed to introduce a smaller cross-section than that of the vertex03 frame, increasing rigidity, but we've also managed to widen the cross-section along its length, achieving a more uniform transmission of stress throughout the snowshoe. This improved distribution of vibration and stress is also supported by the CURVAKTIV's connection to the AIR POWER. AIR POWER is the natural evolution of the Air React Channel system. It's a channel that we generate through a hollow piece on the underside of the snowshoe. This hollow piece works better than if it were a solid piece, because being made of less material, it is less prone to deformation, making structure stronger.

Its outer core is made of Fibrix hybrid fiber, its inner core is made of the new MultiEva composed of 2 different eva densities, and its CarbonTube frame is 100% carbon fiber. It also features the new Vertex core.

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Brand Bullpadel
Manufacturer SKU BV25000000
Color gray green
Color Grey
Size One size - French sizes by default
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Gender Women
Age group Adult