Anklet Shock Doctor V-Flex

Anklet Shock Doctor V-Flex
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Ankle support Shock Doctor V-Flex: unlimited freedom of movement and superior support for your ankles and legs.

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Anklet Shock Doctor V-Flex

Low-friction V-Flex hinge for unlimited range of motion. Anatomical medial/lateral base stirrup comfortably wraps around the foot. Biomechanical inner/outer hinge position aligns correctly with the ankle. Ergonomically contoured medial/lateral supports adapt naturally to the leg. Comfortable thermoformed foam lining for ankles and legs. Independently adjustable upper and lower elastic straps for ideal fit and compression preferences. Lightweight fiber-reinforced molded plastic provides superior support. Built-in strap guide maintains correct and discreet strap position.

Additional Information

Brand Shock Doctor
Manufacturer SKU 854-BL
Color black
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Characteristic Ankle brace

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