Headset Met Intercity Mips

Headset Met Intercity Mips
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Protect your head and eyes with the Helmet Met Intercity Mips - the best safety for your road cycling.

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Headset Met Intercity Mips

The new Intercity Mips increases head protection by adding a wide, adjustable screen to protect eyes from wind, dust and insects. It makes e-bike mobility safer and life in the city better.

Intercity Mips is NTA 8776 certified. NTA certification is the world's first certification developed specifically for e-bike users. It enables the helmet to dissipate significantly more energy on impact. 10% more of the EPS shell is impact-tested around the two most sensitive parts of the brain (the back and the temples), and the tested impact velocity is 21% higher compared to a traditional process. In short,Intercity Mips is one of the safest helmets on the market.

Using the MIPS-C2® rational impact management system, MET Intercity Mips is able to slide relative to the head in the event of impact, redirecting harmful rotational forces. MIPS is a brain protection system designed to add protection to conventional helmet construction in certain types of impact. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is attached to the inside of the helmet, between the comfort foams and the EPS.

The MET USB LED magnetic light is attached to one of the rear parts of the helmet to guarantee the highest level of visibility in all conditions. A magnetic system makes attachment to the shell simple and secure, while making the light easily removable and rechargeable via a port USB-C. The light is water-resistant and the 25 LED lights have four lighting modes: red fixed mode, red flashing mode, red strobe LED, and an automatic night mode marked by a blue fixed LED. The battery lasts up to 8 hours, and a full charge takes one hour.

TheIntercity Mips is exceptionally comfortable and safe, thanks to a refined internal shape and a new MET Safe-T Heta retention system that offers a complete, personalized fit. Straps are well-positioned and adjustable thanks to strap dividers developed for reliability and ease of use. The Fidlock® magnetic buckle makes helmet closure simple, while the padded straps guarantee perfect comfort.

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Brand Met
Manufacturer SKU 3HM141CE00-
Color matte metallic blue
Color Blue
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult