Treadmill DKN Technology Pro Run X [Size 215.5x99x151 cm]

Treadmill DKN Technology Pro Run X [Size 215.5x99x151 cm]
Boost your workout with the Pro X treadmill from DKN Technology, your ultimate partner in achieving your fitness goals.
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Treadmill DKN Technology Pro Run X

Introducing the Pro X treadmill: Your ultimate workout companion
The revolutionary Pro X treadmill, a state-of-the-art treadmill designed to redefine your workout experience, will help you improve your fitness. Packed with innovative features and a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, this treadmill is ready to become your new favorite fitness partner.
TFT LCD screen for energy efficiency and user-friendly navigation
The Pro X treadmill features an advanced TFT LCD screen that not only provides crystal-clear images, but also uses energy-saving technology. Training statistics, program details and multimedia content are displayed clearly, while preserving the environment.
Effortless shortcuts
Improving your workout has never been easier. Dedicated shortcut keys let you switch instantly between speeds of 3km/h, 6km/h, 9km/h and 12km/h, so you can adjust your program quickly and seamlessly.
Versatile training programs for tous goals
Choose from a diverse range of 7 training programs tailored to your fitness aspirations:
Goal program: Define and reach your fitness goals with customizable training objectives.
Get started quickly: Get into action immediately with a simple and effective standard training mode.
Program mode: Experience a variety of pre-designed training programs to keep your sessions dynamic.
Fitness test: Assess your fitness level and track your progress with integrated VO2max measurement.
User-oriented personalization: Create and store customized workouts to meet your specific fitness needs.
Virtual reality: Immerse yourself in virtual worlds as you train, for a captivating and fascinating experience.
Heart rate control: Optimize your workouts by targeting specific heart rate zones with this advanced program.
Unrivalled speed and performance
The Pro X treadmill is designed to tous fitness enthusiasts. With speeds of up to 25 km/h, this treadmill is suitable for tous intensity levels, from walking rapide to high-intensity sprinting.
Seamless sharing and connection
Stay connected and motivated by effortlessly sharing your achievements with friends and family thanks to the integrated sharing function. Show off your progress, challenge autres and motivate each other on your fitness journey.
Integrated multimedia hub
Turn your workout into an entertaining experience with the treadmill's integrated multimedia hub Pro X. Access your favorite apps such as YouTube, Chrome, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix and more. Enjoy music, videos and your favorite online content while you train.
Advanced connectivity options
Stay connected wirelessly with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities. Seamlessly synchronize your fitness tracker, heart rate monitor or smartphone to track and optimize your workouts.
Explore the world with Kinomap and Zwift
Explore new horizons with Kinomap and Zwift compatibility. Immerse yourself in virtual workouts, explore global landscapes and connect withautres fitness enthusiasts, all from the comfort of your own home.Elevate your fitness experience with the Pro X treadmill, where energy efficiency, innovation and user-friendly design come together to create the ultimate treadmill. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this treadmill will inspire and empower you to progress towards better health and fitness.

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Brand DKN Technology
Manufacturer SKU 20703
Color black
Color Black
Size 215.5x99x151 cm - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Quantity per product 1