Rowing machine DKN Technology H2OAr [Size 213x52x93 cm]

Rowing machine DKN Technology H2OAr [Size 213x52x93 cm]
Dive into a revolutionary workout with the H2OAr rower from DKN Technology, offering an unrivalled open-water rowing sensation. For workout enthusiasts.
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Rowing machine DKN Technology H2OAr

If you're looking for an indoor rowing machine that faithfully reproduces the feeling of rowing on water, the H2OAr water rowing machine is for you. Among tous indoor rowers, water rowers excel in reproducing a realistic feeling of rowing on water. Oar stroke cycles simulate the dynamics of real paddling, and each stroke is punctuated by a real "splash". What's more, the sight and sound of moving water provides a truly Zen rowing experience.
The main feature of the H2OAr rowing machine is its variable resistance, which adapts to the user's effort. The faster you row, the harder the workout becomes. The H2OAr rowing machine works by moving paddles housed in a water tank, creating a "water flywheel". When you pull the handle, the paddles push through the water. It's like rowing on water: the resistance of the water naturally increases and decreases. The harder you row, the greater the resistance. Resistance is 100% determined by the user.
The heart of this model is the vertically positioned water tank system, which offers 18% more resistance than traditional horizontal models. The H2OAr is designed to provide a challenging workout for most users, whether beginners or advanced.
The H2OAr water rower is exceptionally well equipped for its price. The monitor displays all standard variables such as speed, distance, time, rowing strokes, calorie consumption, and also offers targeted training such as a running program. Wireless heart rate connectivity (5 Khz) enables precise heart rate tracking, and H2OAr is compatible with the Kinomap app.
The frame is very robust and can support users weighing up to 150 kg thanks to the double rails. The raised seat on this indoor rower offers easy access, perfect for taller users and rehabilitation training. It also offers training opportunities for people with arthritis or mobility problems. The wide range of motion allows every user to train comfortably. The H2OAr offers training options for tous, from beginners to serious athletes.
- Dimensions : L212 x L51 x H93 cm.
- To save space when not in use, the H2OAr can be stored upright.
- Class H certified to ISO-20957.

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Brand DKN Technology
Manufacturer SKU 20538
Color black / blue
Color Black
Size 213x52x93 cm - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
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