Jeans Nudie Jeans Grim Tim

Jeans Nudie Jeans Grim Tim
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Jeans Nudie Jeans Grim Tim


Organic cotton

13.5 oz. Japanese comfort stretch denim

Orange thread on all seams

Antique silver trim

Button fly

Jacoon crest

Slim fit

Medium rise

Straight leg

Narrow leg opening

Straight-leg slim jeans in organic comfort stretch denim. This is the stretch comfort version of our very own premier selvage denim from the legendary Japanese denim mill Kaihara. The rigid version amazed us back in 2001, and thanks to its excellent aging properties, it still does today. This version has been developed to possess the same aging property, but with elasticity, making it comfortable and suitable for close-fitting cuts.

"Dry Original Selvage" has a deep indigo warp, an ecru weft inspired by vintage, a tight construction, a dry hand and a starched crispness. It's a pure beauty in its dry state, but the most important part of denim is its aging property, i.e. the way it evolves over time. To understand this, we need to be a little more technical. The warp is first dyed in a dark sulfur dye, then in indigo. This dyeing technique gives it a deep, subdued indigo blue hue that looks great with our orange yarn. It's also what gives denim its intriguing shades as it ages. This is what we call "greencast" denim, i.e. denim with a slight greenish-blue tinge that becomes more obvious with use. Over the years and with a few washes, as the dark denim becomes lighter, the green tint begins to approach the light blue hue. Intriguing and breathtaking!

We're very proud to offer Grim Tim Dry Original Selvage - we tip our hat to the denim and indigo artisans of Kaihara, forever.

We recommend 6 months or more of daily use before premier washing. You'll end up with a nice, worn pair of jeans. That's a long time, but it's only a recommendation. As long as you give it some love, the result will be excellent.

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Brand Nudie Jeans
Manufacturer SKU 113900
Color black
Color Black
Gender Men
Age group Adult