Hanger tape Selle Italia Shock absorber

Hanger tape Selle Italia Shock absorber
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Hanger tape Selle Italia Shock absorber

Uneven surfaces, rough asphalt, cobblestones... Stresses from the road are transmitted directly to the handlebars in the form of unpleasant vibrations which, in a short space of time, can turn into annoying tingling in the hands, compromising comfort and grip on the handlebars, with inevitable negative repercussions on performance and safety too. To absorb and reduce them at minimum, you need handlebars with muscles: a simple but brilliant idea introduced by the Shock-Absorber Kit from Selle Italia. The Shock-Absorber Kit consists of two components: The handlebar pads and the SG-Tape. The SG-Tape is a special tape with grip that ensures even greater comfort and a better grip on the handlebars, bringing benefits in terms of performance and safety on the saddle. Bar Pads are made up of three layers of different materials: the first, gel, simulates the behavior of a muscle, compressing at the point of support and returning to its original shape in seconds, as soon as the pressure of the hand is removed. In addition to the gel layer, PU Foam and a third layer of Lycra increase the flexibility of the Bar Pads. The Shock-Absorber Kit from Selle Italia combines the Bar Pads with a special grip band to ensure a high level of comfort at all times, while also offering a better grip on the handlebars, all to the benefit of performance and safety. Thanks to the special assembly of these two components, the shock absorber kit, in addition to being one of the lightest on the market, exerts a combined action that produces highly effective absorption of ground vibrations, the ultimate solution to the discomfort caused to hands and wrists by riding in difficult conditions, hitherto difficult to resolve.


  • Weight: 2 x SG-Tape 50g - 2 x Bar Pad 19g
  • Dimensions : 35x1800 mm

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Brand Selle Italia
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Color white
Color White
Size One size - French sizes by default
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Age group Adult
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